Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Crystal ball... please help


Yesterday, One of the girls at TAFE was trying to describe "these blue stones that come from Mexico" to one of the other girls, and I just happened to have some turquoises in my bag. Or so I thought.

When I went to the zippered pocket of my bag, in the little pouch, in the little purse (both of which were open), instead of finding my 3 lovely blue stones, there was nothing! They were of little value in a monetary sense, but they were a gift from my departed and much-beloved Aunt for my 21st birthday. I had found the pouch and put it in my bag a few weeks ago to show GG, and just hadn't taken it out. There was $1400 in another purse in the same pocket, and it's still there... well it was until I banked it shortly afterwards.

Any ideas? I've been in too many cars and too many places to be sure of where I've lost them....

Any help would be appreciated.



PS.... sorry about the title xoxoxo


david santos said...

Hello, Cyndy!
Thanks for your posting and have a nice day.

Lisa said...

shit- no idea- what a bummer- so about those 1400 dollars- lets do lunch x

wykd wytch said...

Look at home..w.w.

Anchell said...

In the lining???