Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Joy to the world..... all the boys and girls....... Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea: Joy to you & me...................

  • We have had THE BEST EVER CHRISTMAS PRESENT arrive: at 3.30 this morning baby Riley entered the world, as requested by his grandad, who is going on holidays this afternoon, & wanted to meet his new grandchild before he went! Yes, Dan & Twisty's lovely little man is here, and WE ARE THRILLED! Beloved wants to go meet his grand-nephew this afternoon..... but I can't go as I will be at work ;0(. I might have to sneak in a quick look on the way......... We are definitely going to see him tomorrow. I don't have any physical details...yet.... Hopefully, I can post a piccy tomorrow.
  • I am ready for The Other Big Event.... Bring it on! I think I will bake a dinner: we probably won't eat until 2 in the afternoon. I'm not even sure what my Dad is doing yet, as he is working until about 3 or 4 this afternoon. He hasn't been up here for over 18 months: can he even find our house? He will certainly struggle if it is dark.......... I worry about him travelling on unfamiliar roads. He has been lost more than once........
  • We are breaking new ground. This will be the first ever Christmas without Santa Sacks for the Jolly Red Man to fill....... My brother & his family are calling in for our Christmas this morning on their way to Mudgee for celebrations with his in-laws, so there will be lots of fun & excitement here this morning..... "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...." Friends may call in on their way home to Woolomin after visiting Dad as well.
  • I have just eaten the THE best breakfast: Pan-fried bruschetta topped with chunky exotic Thai dip.... mmmmmmm.... very luxurious... and festive.... and my stomach, which has been rather objectionable of late, is already objecting...... Too bad, I say! I enjoy the tastes & pleasure of eating, so I'm not going to let my stomach dictate what goes into it. If I did, I would never eat anything. I would be a lot thinner though, I suppose. But crankier, too.
Oh My folks..... It's Christmas Eve already!

Ho, Ho, Ho............

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa came to say....ho, ho, ho........

Good evening.

It was Christmas today in our little part of the world.

Beloved's mother, 2 sisters (1 from Canberra, the other from Newcastle)& 1 partner, & brother & his partner, nephew & very pregnant partner, neice & her son (from Kurri Kurri) all travelled to our home today for a 1st time look-see at our house & Christmas lunch as none of us will be able to get together on the big day. We had a lovely lunch, & lots of relaxed conversation. It's the first time we've all been together since the day of Beloved's Dad's funeral. The Beloved's Mum, lovely Val, dissolved into happy/sad tears before she left...... Tomorrow she's going to Canberra for Christmas & the Newie sister is going there as well. It was way better on an emotional level than we envisaged. And the food was lovely, including the $75 roll of seasoned pork (*choke...swallow....gag*) that I had bought to cook. I also made a killer icecream cake that received major kudos! It was a very simple affair, with everyone contributing something yummy.

I'm not working over Christmas now. In fact, I have 4 days straight off. I was rostered on, but the boss asked me if Iwould mind taking annual leave, but I could still keep the shift penalties..... well, yes, that would be ok...... I work morning shift Monday & Tuesday, then evening on Christmas Eve. So Lisa, we will be at the Aunties on Boxing Day, hopefully....

Nephew's very pregnant wife really is about ready to pop, GG reckons. Our Twist isn't due until the 28th, but she's a tiny wee little thing, with a very tight & now-teardrop-shaped belly.... She's very beautiful, but has no idea how beautiful she is. It will be good to have a new baby in our family. We are all looking forward to the arrival very, very much.

Watched "A Very Speccy Christmas" & "Joyeux Noel" tonight..... One funny, the other tragic, yet happy. It's hard to believe that these poor soldiers were basically all punished for behaving in a human, humane way.... stupid, stupid fat-cat "leaders"......

I have buckled under the pressure, & published a Christmas letter & cards......

I have finally successfully de-fleaed the dog....... she looks much happier..... "Frontera" is cheaper than "Frontline". I wonder how long it will work for? I will try some of your tips, too, Anchell.

I have almost finished the Christmas present catchnkill..... shopping is no big deal at this end of the world. We have a new Aldi that I'm going to shop at this week, too. Yessirree, we've come up in the world way up here in the count-ree.............

And having visitors come to inspect your house for the 1st time means that it actually has to be clean & tidy for once. And it is. And I like it. If only the pixies & fairies could keep the gremlins at bay, then it might stay that way...... Our yard is nicely mown & tidy, & I've re-potted plants and they now line up across the back verandah. Nice, yes.

And now it's time for bed.

Goodnight. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Schools out for ever......

Here are Sboy's Higher School Certificate results:
UnitsCourses EnteredExamination MarkAssessment MarkHSC MarkPerformance Band
Board Developed Courses
2Drama1 79/10079/10079 4info
2English (Advanced)1 75/10075/10075 4info
2General Mathematics80/10077/10079 4info
2Modern History1 60/10060/10060 3info
2Retail OperationsRefer to Vocational documentation

Retail Operations Examination84/100N/A84 5info


Not too bad for someone who really didn't put in too much work, hey?

He's enjoying Jakarta. Not missing us too much at all.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday I've got Friday on my mind......

How changeable is this weather??????

After 2 days of abysmal wind & rain, today is just divine: Mildly crisp with miles & miles of blue sky. It will probably be quite warm later.
The Hunter River is very high again (in flood really, but because of the levee banks, it's contained) for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

My weekend was pretty good.

Work requested that I take an Accrued Day Off on Saturday as I had too many accrued: I said "no problems".... I had the roster in my hand when I went into the NUM's office on Friday to request an Annual Leave Day, so I wanted the day off anyway! Yeehah! .... *snort*.... no problems....

I was driving home verrrry slowly in the pouring rain at 11pm on Friday night, when I passed a police car around the corner from my house. I turned into my street, & could see the Christmas lights flashung from the Van Village across the road, when there was a flash of red & blue lights of the not-so-Christmas kind coming up behind me...... I was breathalysed 100m from my driveway! It was teeming rain... I'm not sure why it took me so long to find my driver's licence.......

All the rain meant that Beloved wasn't working either, so we headed down the valley to Maitland to pick up some Christmas gifts from the "Big Shops". Christmas shopping is just about done....
VB went to his gig at Panthers with his mates at 3pm.... and had to be picked up at 1.30am in Muswellbrook.... *yawn*.... He had a sick time though!
My friend, Angel & her youngest, Marcus, arrived at about 5pm, just as GG was leaving to go to Newcastle for a friend's 21st birthday. It's a talk-feast when Angel & I get together: bed is such an inconvenience at times like these! She had to leave at 9am on Sunday... ;0(

The weather was less rainy but still windy on Sunday, so of course, the washing machine was fired into action. VB spent his day recovering, I washed & cleaned, while Beloved did some much-needed landscaping in our back yard. Now his mother will be able to access and exit the house without re-breaking her leg....... You had to walk the plank to get onto our back verandah.. literally..... I watched "25yrs of School Spectacular" yesterday afternoon... amazing...... I also cleaned our oven for the first time since we installed it... and cut 2 fingers in the process.... (I knew it would be a dangerous process.....). I also single-handedly de-homed a whole continent of fleas that had taken up residence on what I had assumed was our dog, Clover. I now realise that she was a flea-continent masquerading as a dog..... I have never seen so many fleas in one place..... the shampoo & water ran red...... It's time for her annual check-up today.....

I did manage to wrap some presents as planned, and get them under the tree. A few more to go.......

One truly dreadful thing occurred at the weekend.
I found out that a much-loved & trusted family member has been behaving with some very young and innocent family members in a very un-loving and trust-betraying manner. This has rocked our family, filling us full of disbelief, confusion & revulsion. As you know, it happens all too often, and is life/world-shattering......... I hope this person realises that he can have no contact with any of us ....... but at the same time, I worry about him........ it's in the hands of the police........ so we'll just all take a step back & support each other.....

I'd better ring the vets & check the time of Clover's appointment.....

Have a good day..... & don't let the Christmas turkeys get you down!

Love, Blogmuggle ;0)

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is the week that was.......

The week in review:
  • Saturday, Sunday: worked. Can't remember what else...... Oh that's right. Beloved's work Christmas show on Saturday night, then he went to Sydney to the final Oran Park car fest on Sunday... I played taxi (as usual..). Complained bitterly that a houseful of adults (young & old) do nothing around the house..... particularly the young..... it's hard for the old ones as they are always at work, supporting the young ones.... who spent most of their time on MSN, messenger or out having fun......
  • Monday: Cleaned house, did some painting. Drove to brother's house to celebrate father's birthday with father. Discussed Xmas..... bah humbug
  • Tuesday: Drove into Newcastle to buy Camera charger for Sboy to take overseas. Perused bikes at Hadley Cyles at Lambton for VB for Xmas. Drove to Sydney. Collected passport & visa from Indonesian Consulate in Maroubra. Sat on Maroubra beach for a millisecond. Very pretty. Not a "Bra Boy" in sight. Managed to safely navigate back across the harbour bridge because the boys didn't want to go through the tunnel again. That reminds me: I need to pay the tunnel toll... now it's too late & I will incur an extra fee... Dropped Sboy off at Texas Productions so that Paul could drive him to the airport to fly out on Wednesday. Drove home with Vboy for company. Sydney drivers would appear to have better manners & tolerance of "tourists" than their reputation suggests.
  • Wednesday: worked. Met Beloved at his appointment with his surgeon to have the lesion removed from his leg. It is a day pocedure under sedation that may require a graft. Had a nice dinner with Beloved at Muswellbrook Worker's club. Drove up to St Joseph's high school Xmas pageant at Aberdeen, which is an annual social event (hidden within the guise of religious fanfare) for the under 18's & their indulgent parents. Between the time I dressed at 5am and the pageant at 6pm, a southerly had arrived, and I was freezing in my work clothes..... Sboy arrived safely in Jakarta.
  • Thursday: worked. Met GG at the surgeon's office (the same one) for review. She's doing well & can now have 2nd daily dressings rather than daily, which is more convenient. I was doing one day & the community nurses the next, wherever GG could find a time & common location for the procedure. Drove to Muswellbrook Hospital to book Beloved in for his lesion op....... on Feb 5 2009 because the local theatres are closed from next week until then.... WHAT THE??????? Don't get a potentially fatal condition that needs surgery up here in Wattle Grove until then, folks...... Beloved is rather concerned, with good reason, that the lesion on his leg may be a skin cancer. I refused an appointment at a Newcastle clinic next weekend upon the strength of the local GP's advice that it would be looked after ASAP...... It's a scabby, festy area the size if a 20cent piece that will require either a graft or skin flap closure, performed after excision under local & twighlight sedation. We have private health cover.... what is going on here???????? GG & I then bought Christmas presents for the nieces & nephew. It's finally starting to feel a little like Christmas...... But I did manage to pick up the wrong size in one thing, so back it goes today.. Hopefully, I can exchange it. Helped GG to dye her dyed-white-blonde hair a very festive, vibrant & eye-catching shade of pink. She's not blending in at all..... I hope her employer likes it as much as she does.....
  • Friday: VBoy left early for an excursion to Luna Park in Sydney. GG is working. I have an evening shift. Beloved is working, & will attend the annual Christmas party at the Van Village across the road. I have to organise another appointment for him somewhere else sooner than Feb for his leg. I have been organising VB's very exciting trip to Newcastle tomorrow with 2 mates to see the band, "Parkway Drive" at Panthers League Club. I don't know the boys, or their parents, so it is a bit of a leap of faith....... "Gibbos" mum seems quite nice, and was somewhat relieved that another parent actually rang her to arrange the trip. The poor woman needs some reassurance since she's taking 3 or 4 teenage boys out for the afternoon/evening..... & is locked in a car with them for 4 - 6 hours of it.... I have to clean the house & am in the process of stripping beds in case Angel & her family turns up from Brisbane tomorrow evening. They were hoping to attend a baby naming ceremony in Muswellbrook on Sunday, but I haven't had confirmation of this.......
  • Saturday..... working... again..... Beloved, GG, me...... VB's big day out. Pick him up from Muswellbrook at about 12.30pm - 1am on Sunday morning...... GG goes to Newcastle for a friend's 21st birthday.
  • Sunday.... ahh... nothing major planned, but I'm sure something will come up... Hopefully, I'll have finished my Xmas shopping & wrapped aforementioned gifts & placed them under the tree..............................
Well, now that I've told you about my life, I'd best go live it!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Ahem...... MeMeMe

1. 5 names you go by
Mrs K
Kavnuts and of course........

2.Three Things you are wearing right now
Work Shirt, trousers & Shoes

3.Two things you want very badly at the moment
Time.... and a wee break in between life's foibles

4. people that will probably fill this out
quite a few by now; I'm late as usual

5. 2 Things you did last night
Waited at the hospital to see a doc with Beloved
Ate a Thai yellow vegetable curry & then wished ever since 2am that I didn't

6. 2 Things you ate today
Vegemite on toast
Mini Timeout Chocolate bar

7.Two people you last talked to on the phone

8.Two things you are going to do tomorrow

9.Two of the longest car drives you have had
South Australia
All around Tassie

10.Two of your favorite beverages
Coke Zero
Skinny Vanilla Chai latte

11.Two sports you watch on TV
ice skating

12.Three people you have on Speed Dial
dont use it

13.Five items in your wardrobe you never wear
Wedding dress
Bridesmaids dress
Some shirts of my mothers
Old, near dead favourites that I can't part with even though they are almost rags

14. The last 3 books you read
Haven't finished any

15. Three weird OCD tendencies you have
Switching off power points that have nothing plugged into them
Tucking in other people's clothing labels at the back
using specific pegs when hanging out the washing

16. Five presents you got from Santa as a kid
Nina doll
Mandy Doll
Walking Angelina

17. Three most visited bookmarks

18. Two items on your wishlist for Christmas
Some earrings; but I haven't asked for them
Some good genie to come & finish our house

19. Five Things you can see right now
festive bush

20. 5 things on your fridge
Photo that GG had taken with a message saying "there are only two laasting bequests we can hope to give our children; One is roots & the other is wings...",
"mums are the best" hanging
petrol dockets
rail timetable

21. Two items you own more than 10 of
opened tins of housepaint
pieces of Royal Doulton "old country Roses" china

Is this Christmas, my dear?

Well, after viewing Tania
& Helen's delightfully festive bushes, I am almost too embarrassed to print these here. But anyway, my sparsely, but tastefully decorated purple-baubled tree is most likely a reflection of me as I am this year anyway........ you know, making the effort, but not really getting into all the festivities too much........ I can't even make the shots bigger, and I've wasted waaaay to much time even doing them........

Anyway, in an attempt the alleviate the boringly staid mood somewhat, here are the slightly dark & ascerbic lyrics to the "Wombats'" Christmas song that I mentioned in my last post........

The Wombats Lyrics - Is This Christmas Song Words

Special Seasonal song for xmas

Artist / Band : The Wombats
Song Lyrics Title : Is This Christmas
Available on Album : -
Released : 15 December 2008
Music Genre : Christmas song, Indie

(Song Data Information from : Wikipedia)

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
except for
a Wombats?

I can hear the sleigh bells coming around the bend
here comes the darkest end Christmas is here

It’s about nights extend into the overdraft
To scrape out what is left at the end of the year

(It’s Christmas)

Turn back to the future off I’ve seen it before
maybe every year and more it’s great but not again

What’s that burning! what’s that burning, my mum shrieks down
While she’s touching up her brow for when the family arrive

And the red wine plummets down and we should all be in out beds
but it’s right wing versus left til the wings fall off out heads

And is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas, my dear?

Is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas?
whatever happened to that festive cheer?

Can you hear the sleigh bells coming around the bend
here comes our darkest end
Christmas is here

And the ice burns up the hill until we all lose our feet
Though it never really snows it’s more like horizontal sleet

And is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas, my dear?

Is this Christmas? (oh no it’s Christmas)
Is this Christmas? (oh no it’s Christmas)
whatever happened (oh no it’s Christmas) to that festive cheer?

Don’t you just love Christmas (oh no it’s Christmas) (5x)
Everybody loves Christmas (oh no it’s Christmas)
Everybody loves Christmas (oh no it’s Christmas)
Everybody loves, everybody loves
Everyone it’s christmas!

just call me the BahHumbug Blogmuggle...........

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Everybody loves Christmas... (Oh No it's Christmas....)


Just a quickie:
  • Sboy will be home today sometime today, but will be gone again in 6 days
  • GG's car died, so now we are pondering whether or not the time is right for her to borrow money to buy another one. Living out of town means that a car is a necessity, not a luxury. Uni will have to go on the back burner (maybe). Hard call: she doesn't want to stay here & wants to be back in Newcastle, but the fiscal benefits of staying are evident.... She will also need to get more work.... Resonsibility weighs heavily......
  • My Christmas tree is up & decorated & there is a tasteful selection of ornaments around the house (read that as can't be bothered to work out where the rest can go....) I have photographed it, but can't find the cable to upload it.......
  • There are pretend gifts under the tree as I haven't any to put there yet.......
  • Have bought my first Christmas presents. Luckily, there aren't too many to buy. Well, lay-byed them, anyway
  • I'm not doing the Xmas card & letter thing this year...... it's usually a huge thing for me..... not this year. I'll just answer the ones that I receive.
  • I have only 2 pays to finance Christmas. Usually, my shopping is mostly done by October... help......
  • I have one weekend off. Beloved's family are all coming here for a "Christmas" day on the 21st.... help....
  • My wonderful friend from Brisbane, Angel, is coming to visit on the 13th. I hope she's staying the night as I'm working...... she wants to see how good her door looks installed in our house..... I hope she's not disappointed.
  • GG is still having daily wound packing. She's over it, but (butt...*snicker*) she's healing well. The community nurses have been going out of their way to look after her. She is going to Homebake in Sydney this weekend, and will be staying in Carrington, so the community nurse has organised for a community nurse from Newcastle to visit her there to pack & re-dress her wound on Sunday.
  • I am working back at Scone from tomorrow. I like the hospital, but it adds nearly 2 hours travel to my day... & soooo much of my wage disappears in fuel costs........*sigh*
  • Beloved has an appointment today at the GP's to have his oils & waters checked. He has a lesion on his leg that needs attention, too.
  • My nephew has had surgery this week, so lots of healing energies need to be sent out for him & quite a few others this week, please.
  • I really like the "Wombats" Christmas song....... and "Bones"...... David Boreanaz is just so.... HOT!!!!!! And Mark Harmon is a grey hottie as well........... So easy on the eyes.....
I'd better get on with it. I've got painting to do.

And it's getting quite warm......

Bye ;0)