Thursday, June 25, 2009

I won't hestitate no more, no more, I cannot wait..... I'm yours........

Hi there!

I am writing this blog (very quickly) from Belmont TAFE Library before it shuts. Thank goodness for free TAFE libraries! Dad only has dial-up at his house, and begrudges you every second that is spent there, so I just don't use his computer. And don't I miss it!
It is 2 weeks since his surgery, & he is doing well. Complaining, as usual, about anything & everything. As is his way. He isn't an easy person, my Dad. But you get that. I finally managed to get the community nurses on board: he wounds have infected, & he needs their expert attention. I think their advice is more appropriate than his doctors at this point. Now, if I can get some meals-on-wheels on board, all will be good, but he is resistant to this idea so far. He can't cook and is reliant on my brother or me to cook & leave meals for him. I would prefer him to have some independence rather than rely upon us: it's a long time before he really needs to be dependent upon us!
I went home monday night as Vboy was due to return fronm his camping expedition in the Tunumbar National Park: in a hoarse voice from singing on the bus, he exclaimed that "he had the BEST TIME EVER!!!".
He's back at school, so life is back to normal for him.
Poor Beloved had a fall from his motorbike last Saturday, and is laid up for a week or so after the handlebars had an intimate yet forceful meeting with his groin & upper thigh.......
I came back to Dad's on Wednesday morning, and will remain here until Sunday at this stage, I think. While he was in hospital, we basically gutted his bedroom so we could lay new carpet in there after the old, blind & incontinent dog decided that every piece of furniture that cast a shadow was a tree...... all over the house. Not surprising really, considering that he was a chihuahua...... I have threatened the new dog with death if she pees in his room....... It's difficult with her, as she isn't adequately toilet-trained, and will pee & poo in a number of locations well chosen for there position in high-traffic areas...... There is only 1 room left with original carpet in it, & she will toilet in there if given the opportunity. Dad just doesn't seem to understand that she will continue this behaviour while ever there are any traces of the old dog's places, and will happily put old mats and furniture (usually of the old, swollen-pee-laden-chipboard-bottomed-variety) back.... and so the cycle continues. His room was so bad that ithe smell knocked you over when the door was opeded. He was just putting paper on the floor to catch her eliminations.......
The clean-up continues, but I'm getting there.
Life will return to some normality next week. I am working on Monday and again on Tuesday night, so I may string together 5 days at home....... It will be good to work again. And to be at home. Sboy will be home from Wednesday as he is to have a minor surgical procedure on Thursday.
Anyway, I'd best go...... time is ticking away, and I wouldn't want to keep the lovely lady waiting. I haven't checked my emails or facebook yet!
Stay warm and safe!
love, Bloggie xoxoxoxoxxo

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ain't to sunshine when he's gone.......

PoppyKen good. Back in Cardio ward after 6+ hours of surgery and a night in the cardio intensive care ward. Eating and not hooked up to any machinery.
Blogmuggle well. Bought a very striking red wooly anorak-style coat from Salvos :). Looks like a coat to brighten a drab winter day.
Brother of Blogmuggle good. Proud owner of a striking black woollen European-style cay with dark green trim and wooden buttons from the Salvos shop. He is very chuffed with his purchase.
All things considered, all's good.
See y'all later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the road again.......

Hi. Just a quick post.

  • Result from colonoscopy yesterday good. Able to break wind again without reservation of "follow-through"........
  • Busy on PoppyKen & puppy duties as PoppyKen's CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) surgery and heart repair in on tomorrow (Thursday). The John Hunter hospital called me today to get him in for the surgery sometime after lunch tomorrow. This is a BIG operation that will sideline Pop for a few months.
  • I will be floating around Newcastle for the next few weeks while we get Pop back on his feet again.
  • Don't know how much computer time I will get, but I will keep you posted.
  • I'd better get off to bed: I've got to be on the train at 6am, & it's 12.36am already. Who needs sleep anyway?
See you later <3

;0) ;0) ;0) ;0) ;0) ;0) ;0) ;0) ;0)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Send her victorious, happy & glorious........

The Queen's Birthday holiday. Thank goodness ;0)

A day of nothing really. Washing by the overflowing clothesline full, cleaning of the bathrooms, & watching some tv that Beloved had recorded yesterday for me while I was at work. He has busied himself around the house constructing & fitting architraves. He's lovely, & much, much more handy than he thinks. He hates doing this sort of stuff, but does it anyway ;0)

Oh... and no food: clear fluids, noodle-less chicken noodle soup & the pico-prep necessary for the colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. I dunno: jelly just isn't the same without drunken sponge cake, fruit, custard & icecream. My empty stomach has responded with an acidic mutiny.

Never mind: it will all be over soon. It will give me better perspective about how the patient feels..............

Cleaning the bathrooms out gave me time to think today. It may have simply been the effects of the bleach fumes.

Is it ok to walk out on a marriage because "We've nothing in common anymore"?

On the other side of the argument: "Is love enough to stay where other things are lacking?"

Neither of these has anything to do with my marriage (Oh yeah, as if, I can hear you say), but are words that I have heard from friends as relationships breakdown, seemingly irretrievably.
My mum reckoned that we don't try hard enough these days, but I used argue with her that life is short, so time shouldn't be wasted with someone that you don't want to be with.
I still think that this is the case. But not in every case.

As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that our own needs are paramount, with a "live for now mentality", and the social changes that we see these days are a reflection of that. More than half my friends are in a 2nd or 3rd committed relationship, struggling with the demands of blended families, stretched finances combined with the impositions of emotions and moods that extended families, partners, in-laws bring as well as trying to swim against the tide of overwhelming expectations to have the right house in the right suburb, the right car to drive around to all the after-school activities as well as an amazing education for our children who are supposed to be the best at everything that they do in up-to-the-minute fashions.

Is it any wonder that there's no time to "find" ourselves, or work out what can be made of a marriage that appears to be less than desired? Or that we think that this can only happen outside the "confines" of a marriage?

Sometimes I wonder if we can't see what we are looking for even though it's right there all the time. Can't see the forest for the tress, so to speak. Our poor old heads & hearts are so saturated with information & expectations.

In my line of work, I see a lot of octagenarian couples who are still devoted to each other. Other marriages may not have been so good. But a lot of these people have had the experience of making a life & growing old together. Wars, depression & deprivation, ill health, hard living conditions & meagre lives have all been part of their journey. But at the end of the day, they have each other.

Are we going to deny ourselves this dependable companionship in our "golden years" because the bells aren't ringing in the middle?

A lot of marriages are never meant to be, and it is the thoughts & actions of the individuals involved make it so. But is a marriage really meant to be with Prince Charming in the drivers seat and Mrs Perfect Housewife/Mum at his side? Is it possible to be individuals within a marriage, and still make it work?

I would like to think so. I am a romantic at heart, but a very practical, pragmatic one. I don't know if we are meant to be monogamous: maybe some of us are, & some aren't. It's whatever works for the individual.

But then, that's probably the hard part: finding out what works. And that takes time & patience. Maybe we need to make sure that we're not always looking for the greener grass only to find that it's greener because there's a sloshy old drain hidden under it that makes it so lush-looking.

Ah well: no answers here, just a few sociological ponderances.

Put it down to the bleach fumes, empty stomach and the colonic evacuation, hey ;0)

And that Beloved was eating chocolate in front of me when I couldn't have any..... Say, does anybody know a good laywer?

Goodnight all.

Take Care


Monday, June 01, 2009

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things! And then I don't feel so bad!,

These are the roads most travelled for me. They are the roads that I drive on from my home in Denman (or, "Wattle Grove", as Lovely Lisa likes to call it) to Muswellbrook. It starts out as "The Golden Highway". If I drive another 27klms or so north along the "New England Highway", I will reach Scone.

But not for the last few days.
After coming home from work on Friday, which was a call-in for community health, I started on my downhill run. Stuffy head. Sore eyes. Headache. Achy everything, really. Sneezing, snorting, sniffing, blowing. Potential for my face to explode: you know: that sort of thing.
And sleepy. But not effectively sleeping. The most comfortable place is my lovely recliner chair in the loungeroom, & woe betide any person or animal that tries to occupy it.........


I am Pseudoephedrine!
I am Chlorpheniramine!
And Paracetamol. Oh yes..... Paracetamol!
And I would fail a breath test as I'm sure that I have absorbed enormous quantities of alcohol from my gel hand rub......
I am also very obedient, as the box says not to drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery, so operating the washing machine, vacuum cleaner and stove/microwave are out of the question........ especially whilst driving.......

The TV & DVD remote control are do-able though.

As is this very short stint in front of the computer.

I cancelled last night's nightshift in Muswellbrook. The money would have been handy......

I don't have much else booked in except for a day in the Aged DayCentre on Wednesday this week.

I should be better by then. It's only a cold.

Seriously, I don't have the H1N1 Influenza strain. I refuse to refer to THAT flu as "Swine flu".... I haven't seen a pig suffering from it yet. Just a lot of people with the flu, and a whole pile of rampant media hysteria. If we all practise suitable hygiene, then we should be ok. If people stayed home to get well, rather than swallowing drugs & soldiering on because our employers need us, and because we are determined that nothing will interfere with all Necessary Very Important Things in our lives, then there wouldn't be so many people ill, either. Bosses like to pull the guilt trip on us, don't they????? Money, money, money........

Anyway, this little chicken is off to re-claim her recliner, swallow more lemon & honey & fall asleep through yet more daytime television.

Stay safe, warm & well, People!