Thursday, June 25, 2009

I won't hestitate no more, no more, I cannot wait..... I'm yours........

Hi there!

I am writing this blog (very quickly) from Belmont TAFE Library before it shuts. Thank goodness for free TAFE libraries! Dad only has dial-up at his house, and begrudges you every second that is spent there, so I just don't use his computer. And don't I miss it!
It is 2 weeks since his surgery, & he is doing well. Complaining, as usual, about anything & everything. As is his way. He isn't an easy person, my Dad. But you get that. I finally managed to get the community nurses on board: he wounds have infected, & he needs their expert attention. I think their advice is more appropriate than his doctors at this point. Now, if I can get some meals-on-wheels on board, all will be good, but he is resistant to this idea so far. He can't cook and is reliant on my brother or me to cook & leave meals for him. I would prefer him to have some independence rather than rely upon us: it's a long time before he really needs to be dependent upon us!
I went home monday night as Vboy was due to return fronm his camping expedition in the Tunumbar National Park: in a hoarse voice from singing on the bus, he exclaimed that "he had the BEST TIME EVER!!!".
He's back at school, so life is back to normal for him.
Poor Beloved had a fall from his motorbike last Saturday, and is laid up for a week or so after the handlebars had an intimate yet forceful meeting with his groin & upper thigh.......
I came back to Dad's on Wednesday morning, and will remain here until Sunday at this stage, I think. While he was in hospital, we basically gutted his bedroom so we could lay new carpet in there after the old, blind & incontinent dog decided that every piece of furniture that cast a shadow was a tree...... all over the house. Not surprising really, considering that he was a chihuahua...... I have threatened the new dog with death if she pees in his room....... It's difficult with her, as she isn't adequately toilet-trained, and will pee & poo in a number of locations well chosen for there position in high-traffic areas...... There is only 1 room left with original carpet in it, & she will toilet in there if given the opportunity. Dad just doesn't seem to understand that she will continue this behaviour while ever there are any traces of the old dog's places, and will happily put old mats and furniture (usually of the old, swollen-pee-laden-chipboard-bottomed-variety) back.... and so the cycle continues. His room was so bad that ithe smell knocked you over when the door was opeded. He was just putting paper on the floor to catch her eliminations.......
The clean-up continues, but I'm getting there.
Life will return to some normality next week. I am working on Monday and again on Tuesday night, so I may string together 5 days at home....... It will be good to work again. And to be at home. Sboy will be home from Wednesday as he is to have a minor surgical procedure on Thursday.
Anyway, I'd best go...... time is ticking away, and I wouldn't want to keep the lovely lady waiting. I haven't checked my emails or facebook yet!
Stay warm and safe!
love, Bloggie xoxoxoxoxxo


Kerry said...

busy busy is your life at the moment it seems.

Ummm...interesting discription about the pee stained carpet, and mats....

Have you seen at pet shops, you can get like little mat things to toilet train puppys and small dogs on.

Don't know how good they are, but its a thought.

Take care of yourself while your in this world of busyness.


Natalie said...

Sending a huge hug. Blerk!

Kathleen said...

Know about the knock out smell of pee laden carpet OMG!

Glad your Dad is getting better too xxx

Lisa said...

poor derwent and poor complaining old Ken.........yes, i know about difficult fathers, resistant to everything except causing chaos.....sending love Cuz o mine xx