Sunday, September 28, 2008

He had a severe case of " the Emperors new clothes....."


Lisa left me a comment on my last post about the kids that made me laugh: She insinuated that the school principal was deserving of a capital P, followed by the letters R,I,C,K.... It's funny because he goes by the term, "Mr P. Crick", except that for most people, the 'C' is silent......


A few more lyrics from the aforementioned song.... just because I can...

Maybe I was mean
But I really don't think so
You asked if I'm scared
And I said so

Everyone can see what's going on
They laugh `cause they know they're untouchable
Not because what I said was wrong
Whatever it may bring
I will live by my own policies
I will sleep with a clear conscience
I will sleep in peace

Maybe it sounds mean
But I really don't think so
You asked for the truth and I told you
Through their own words
They will be exposed
They've got a severe case of
The emperor's new clothes

That is all. Bye. ;0)

Each of these, my three babies, I will carry with me......

Another line from Sinead O'Connor. But Sunday morning in the Blogmuggle household is quiet, except for the Fleetwood Mac CD that I have just started listening to. Beloved is playing a rare round of golf. Not that he was all that interested in it, mind you, but he "told Rhod that I would play in this charity day...." such a martyr....... He took his nurofen with him to ease his dodgy knee.....

My three babies..... one day I will learn how to put them where I want them.....

SBoy & GG GG & VBoy

There have been big "grown-up"changes afoot here....

For a change, I'll start with Vboy: His room underwent a major overhaul a few weekends ago. He used to have 2 bunks with desks/drawers/bookcases under them in his room, which was always handy as he is rarely solo on the weekends. Now the bunks are gone, and he has his very own "Big Boy" double bed, which he loves. He was just too big for the single bunk...... He is eager to finish dressing the bed with the schmick new "stripey boy bedding" that his sister bought for him instead of the blue, red and purple hearts bedding that is on there at the moment (all that I had on hand)...... Mind you, the girls think that he is pretty cool.... in touch with his sensitive side...*snort*... Sunshine enters the room with him.

GG: Last week, (under the firm encouragement of her parents) GG made the decision to come back home to live, for a while anyway. Life hasn't been to kind to my darling girl this year, and she seems to have had a dark, ever present cloud that would rain down on her at ever-increasing intervals. Work has been sporadic, money scarce and her domestic situation as been tenable at best. Whilst her Pop loves her, living with him without the presence of Nan has not gone well. GG has found it difficult just to be there without Nan, and consequently has spent a lot of time on friend's floors & couches...... no space of her own, no money to add to the household coffers of equally poor, but generous friends. She has stauchly resisted my attempts to come back home, viewing it as "failure". Broady Maccas has only been provding 1 or 2 short shifts each week: now, with the school holidays here, she has been offered none.
Monday saw us at Centrelink: hopeless waste of time. She qualifies for nothing. She fits into none of their categories. We were given a job search number and headed to Mission Australia. Luckily, my friend Michelle was on the front desk, and was very encouraging and helpful in the light of GG's negative attitude. Tuesday was a wee bit black. Wednesday we went to the Caltex Service Station that GG's aunty manages. The result: A trial shift for GG at 6am Saturday. Aunt & Uncle had actually been discussing between themselves whether GG would like to work there the night before..... we have never discussed it with them, as she had been so resolute in her need to stay in the "bright lights"... Coincidence?????
A visit to the hairdressers and a snappy new "do" sealed the deal... GG decided to come home...... She worked at Maccas on Friday, then arrived late Friday night. She found the shift at Caltex on Saturday fun, do-able and is keen to work again. It is good to see the enthusiasm back in my gorgeous girl. She went to a friend's house last night in Mussie, and stayed the night.
She will be home today as she wants to re-enrol at Uni. I have stipulated 1-2 subjects at most... slowly, slowly I say. She needs to remain rooted here for a while, with some Ma n' Pa love, support, food, and the ability to earn her own money. Money's not the answer, but it seems that way doesn't it? She had dreams not so long ago, and had gotten to the point where she wouldn't look to far into the future, or even discuss them. "hush Mum. Don't say anymore.." she would say. She had lost sight of it all, and had no hobbies at all. With the arrival of her tax return, she bought herself an acoustic guitar on Thursday. The other day, she uttered the immortal words: "If I can save enough, maybe I can piss off over seas for a while next year..." Yes my darlin', you can.....

SBoy: Graduation and his last day at school on Friday. Until his HSC exams in October. He has worked at KFC everynight this week, and will most of next week as well. His "awesome, cute" girlfriend caught the train upfrom Newie to be with him except that he was at work, then had to train it back to Newie at 10am the next morning. They're working hard at grabbing every spare minute, this pair. Scary when you consider that he's only 17 & she's 16. The fact that he has bought her home is an indicator of the depth of his feelings for her. He is cautious in the game of love.... He call's her "the missus..." ...... " Wouldn't it be funny if we did get married Mum?" he said to me...... "Hilarious, Son...." eeeewwww......
It's an "instant" society these days: no long-winded courtships, with pussy-footing around, dating and coutship rituals. We have never met nor spoken to "Cute-girl's" parents, yet without consultation with us, she was allowed to travel up here and stay with people that they know zip about. We have an open door policy at our home, so her being here wasn't an issue, but we have always checked out where our kids go to, and ensured that they were a) welcome, & b) under supervision by people who were not drug-addled/alcoholic/axe-wielding/raving lunatics... any more than normal, anyway...
His Graduation was ... Interesting..... SBoy has been an active member of his school community, & proud of his school. A member of the SRC from yr 7, representative in school soccer & other sports, at science & engineering challenges, SRC conferences, MUNA, walked the streets on Legacy Day, BBQ'ed, fund-raised. He took on the lead male role in the Yr 10 musical (he believes that he can't sing, but did it because he was asked). He was elected Yr 11 & 12 prefect by his peers, regardless of the fact the the Principal told him "not to bother running as he would not support him if he did....".
You can see that there may have been a problem here, yes? I have had the occasssional exchange with this "man"..... Even shaving off his glorious long hair, which had always been a issue for the Principal (who doesn't deserve the capital P by the way,) for "Shave for a Cure" didn't seem to make a difference....
SBoy received no acknowledgment for his services to the school. His friends who were Captains & prefects all received awards, deservedly so. As did 32 other students. He was the only one of the executive that sat on the stage throughout the entire proceedings that received nothing. There are only 57 students in his year. I am not a trophy-hound mother. My son deserved recognition. My gut tells me that this was personal........
Every student walked onto the stage to accept their final school report. Each 1st place getter in each subject was announced when they were to receive their report & shake hands with the principal. SBoy tied for 1st place in Retail Operations with another student. Her name was called out whern it was her turn.
His wasn't. Everything became shallow, hollow for him after that. He went through the motions after that. Talked with friends at the morning tea afterwards, signed shirts. But he wasn't really there. He wanted to go home & get ready to go to Dubbo with the Freestyle Trials crew, who had arrived on Thursday night, & were waiting for him at home. And that's what he did. He had his head & heart in place by the time he left for Dubbo. And Jana & Jack F like SBoy & will look after him. It was a good idea for him to go & blow off some some steam. He's having fun.

I think that he grew up a bit more on Friday. Another of life's sucky, hard lessons. He asked me on Friday morning if "it was wrong that he felt like he had already moved on in his head?" when he was slow to get to the school breakfast. Having cute girl around made it harder to leave. But he took her with him.

Hmmmm. "Each of these, my three babies, I will carry with me."


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The whole time I'd never seen that all I'd need was inside me......

You know, I don't think that I have mentioned to y'all that I am on holidays. I have unpacked some very patient boxes, and have been slowly getting my house in order. I rang the hospital at Scone to see if they wanted me back, and you know what? They didn't have me on the roster. I suggested that another week off work would be ok if they needed me to take it......... I don't start back at work until October 6!

Yeehah!!!!!! Not that I don't want to go back: I do. I'm really looking forward to building on the new skills that I have learned: there is so much that I have to learn......

Anyway, this isn't a long post. I have another one in mind that I will compose later. I am listening to Sinead O'Connor at the moment. I love her heartfelt, headstrong forthrightness. And her voice is a gift from within. She quotes the serenity prayer at the beginning of her album:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Evidently, this is the Alcoholics Anonymous adaptation of this well known piece of prose. I thought that it very old, but Wikipedia gives credit to Reinhold Niebuhr, who used it in a sermon in 1934.

Wiki also offers a juxtaposition by W.W. Bartley, with a Mother Goose rhyme, written about 1695:
For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it;
If there be none, never mind it.
What do you think? Me, I've no idea. I just love the sentiment. It's probably the underwriting of my belief about life. That's me: If there is a problem, fix it. If you can't...... Meh. You can't do everything, or control everything in life.
Maybe I'm more like the Mother Goose rhyme.... Yeah... take God out of the equation..... or not..... because that makes me responsible........ Meh......

Too much time on my hands.......

Too much time to think.........

Did I mention that I'm on holidays?????????????????????????

Hmmmm..... you might get sick of a relaxed Blogmuggle...... I'll be back later.

See ya!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you for being a friend....

Just a few thoughts:

Friends are like butt cheeks.
Crap might separate them at times,

But they always come back together.


"When you're sitting on a balcony, on a clear night, sipping scotch with your best friend, 'now' is

Denny Crane

Yep, "Don't worry: Be happy"


Friday, September 19, 2008

zzzzzz to come.....

TAFE is done and dusted.

I scraped over the line this afternoon with a teachers foot firmly toeing me over the line.



I'm off to see "The Producers" tonight. I'm going with one of my oldest friends. It should be fun.

I'd better go and get ready. See ya!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bring me sunshine, in your smile.....

"My life may be a pain in the bum, but at least it's never boring.."

A wise woman I know once wrote this. I think I need to steal it & make it my own.

My last week in Newie: so full of promise.....

Sunday's visit to Poppy Don in hospital at JHH was relatively uneventful, with his proclamation that he will be going home on Monday. Unlikely, thought I, but hoped that I was wrong. He was determined to be at least home by beautiful wife's birthday on Tuesday.... and he was. She went out to her post-broken femur therapy session as usual, and he arrived home. GG & I arrived on the doorstep shortly after they finished their dinner to to deliver birthday booty to Nanny Val, & pass on the belated winning birthday lottery tickets to Poppy Don from his July birthday. "Happy Friggen Birthday", read the message inside his card. And so it was. Shortly afterwards, Poppy Don was showing some odd behaviours and signs, which amplified over trhe next 20mins. My 1st thought was a stroke, but I wasn't convinced, & couldn't put my finger on the problem. The ambos saved the day (as they inevitably do) and bought him out of his 1st "hypoglycaemic event"...... Now I've seen one, I'll never forget it. It's looks as though someone is paralytically drunk whilst they are having a stroke...... The normal blood glucose level is between 4 & 8: Poppy Don's was less than 1.
The short version: GG stayed with Nanny Val, while I braved the JHH A & E department. Sister-in-law, Sue, joined me for a few hours. After 3 doctors, tests and many glucose injections and drip infusions, Poppy Don is now an in-patient, with highly unstable blood glucose levels. It is continually dropping, and is proving difficult to maintain. So he's a pretty crook fellow at the moment. And typically in public hospital form, there were no staff to hold his sick bag & monitor its use, so I stayed until he was finally given anti-vomit medication and settled down close to 4am..... Very important TENurse duties.....

The blogpost title is a direct reference to the evening's events: the sun came out from behind a cloud (even though it was after 8pm) when Poppy Don smiled as he was coming out of his "event".......

Another clinical skills assessment was passed at TAFE today, so I shouldn't cause too much permanent damage if I am administering oral medications to any patients now.....

S.Boy attended his interview yesterday, but isn't too hopeful, as he doesn't think that he answered the questions in the way that was wanted. Wait & see, I say. To make the final 10 is an achievement in itself, and at least he has an idea of what is involved in the process now.

GG went to see about the chef apprenticeship, and was told that they have changed their minds and want a 2nd year apprentice indstead of a 1st year...... oh well..... she looked really nice, too.....

Vboy is going to a Sport & Rec camp this weekend on an island on the Hawkesbury River, so that should be fun for him....

Anyway, I'm going to see GG, who's babysitting her cousins after her one & only shift at Maccas: I'm thieving the car to go and see Poppy Don.

Then it's study time. and probably zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Kylie Gauci, wheelchair basketballer

How amazing are our paralympic athletes!

brave, courageous, and determined.

Wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair basketball: not for the fainthearted, or for those who need a lot of personal space.......

Some swimming strokes need a bit of imagination to see them as the "stroke" that they are, but OMG, it is amazing.

I think they all should be proud of their efforts, in the medals or not. I am.

HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!


If there's a bustle in your hedegrow, don't be alarmed now.......

About time..... I started a blog post last weekend, couldn't upload photos, and ended up a tad pissed with my potential pist, and so, didn't post it. A wee update:

TAFE is finished this coming Friday. How quickly did that 7 weeks go???? Scary that time moves so fast. Our lives don't to be ticking by, they seem to Whoosh..... 5 more days..... 1 exam on medications & administration on Friday, and compulsory clinical skills assessments. All essays & assignments are in. My finishing present to me is an excursion the see "The Producers" at the Civic Theatre on Friday night. It should be fun.

My lovely father-in-law has been in, out and back into hospital over the last 10 days. Beloved, VB & I will visit him in JHH this afternoon, and I will stay at Newie for the last week of TAFE. Beloved is a bit excited as he and a friend from Tamworth are going to Sedgewick in country Victoria fort he Aussie Mototrials Championships in October. He's going to ride, but hasn't actually ridden competitively for over a year. His body will probably pull him up after a few hours, let alone 2 days, but for him it's more about the social than anything else. If my year has been a bit ordinary & stressful, then I think that Beloved's has been more so. He's been so unexpectedly busy with everything going on at home, and with me this year, that he deserves a few days away. He's been simply brilliant. I think he's learned a lot about himself, too. Gorgeous man, and yes indeed, Beloved.

GG has only had 1 or 2 shifts at Maccas over the past few weeks, and all of them only short. Certainly not enough to live from. She is available anytime of day, is not locked into school hours, and Broady Maccas is open 24hrs: do they have so many casual staff on their books that she can only have 10 hours at most, during the day?? She has applied for a chef apprenticeship, and has spoken to the owner on the phone twice during the past week. I have convinced her to take the proactive step of actually going to the restaurant & introducing herself to them this week, so they can put a face to the name, and demonstrate that she is keen & has initiative. Hopefully, something may come of this. She really needs to assert her independence, and without money, that is impossible. Fingers crossed, eh? I'm crossing, my toes, legs, arms, eyes and t's as well.

S.Boy is enjoying his life at the moment. He had a great time in Sydney riding with the Freestyle Mototrials guys, travels to Armidale next weekend for a show, then after that to Dubbo, and Bathurst to ride at shows. He has been on the receiving end of kudos at KFC, with awards on paper, so hopefully, this will help him when he attends the final interview for an apprenticship for Port Waratah Coal Company on Tuesday. He's made to the final 10, with 2 mechanical & 2 electrical trades appenticships on offer. I think that just getting this far is an amazing feat, but he has no pre-apprenticship background, or electronics or electrical/computer training, so advancement past this point would be almost a miracle. But, he's made it this far, so there's something about thim that "they" like, so you never know. He is very keen to move to Newcastle to live, especially now that he has a "Cute, Awesome" girlfriend who lives at Charlestown. It is very convenient that he has his licence & a car, I can tell you, otherwise someone would have to drive him to all these places......... School is, well, almost over..... Somehow, we have to keep his feet on the ground for his HSC next month..... hmmmm

VB, who will have to have a new name soon, as he eats food other than vegetables these days, is a lovely, normal now-14yr old boy. He's had a birthday since my last post (the same day as Prue's), and enjoying the thrills of "Guitar Hero 3", a new PS3 controller and an up-dated, schmicker mobile phone. We bought him 1 for Christmas, but it has been in for repairs 3 times, so Mr Harvey Norman offerred a new phone as a replacement with a few extra dollars from us, as the new phone was almost 3 times the price of the original. He's happy. Thank heavens for Tax returns, I say.

I am the proud owner of a dishwasher, too. We've still no hot water connected, yet, but we're closer, with a written quote from a plumber........

That will do for now. I have to get ready to go.


<3 Blogmuggle ;0)