Sunday, September 14, 2008

If there's a bustle in your hedegrow, don't be alarmed now.......

About time..... I started a blog post last weekend, couldn't upload photos, and ended up a tad pissed with my potential pist, and so, didn't post it. A wee update:

TAFE is finished this coming Friday. How quickly did that 7 weeks go???? Scary that time moves so fast. Our lives don't to be ticking by, they seem to Whoosh..... 5 more days..... 1 exam on medications & administration on Friday, and compulsory clinical skills assessments. All essays & assignments are in. My finishing present to me is an excursion the see "The Producers" at the Civic Theatre on Friday night. It should be fun.

My lovely father-in-law has been in, out and back into hospital over the last 10 days. Beloved, VB & I will visit him in JHH this afternoon, and I will stay at Newie for the last week of TAFE. Beloved is a bit excited as he and a friend from Tamworth are going to Sedgewick in country Victoria fort he Aussie Mototrials Championships in October. He's going to ride, but hasn't actually ridden competitively for over a year. His body will probably pull him up after a few hours, let alone 2 days, but for him it's more about the social than anything else. If my year has been a bit ordinary & stressful, then I think that Beloved's has been more so. He's been so unexpectedly busy with everything going on at home, and with me this year, that he deserves a few days away. He's been simply brilliant. I think he's learned a lot about himself, too. Gorgeous man, and yes indeed, Beloved.

GG has only had 1 or 2 shifts at Maccas over the past few weeks, and all of them only short. Certainly not enough to live from. She is available anytime of day, is not locked into school hours, and Broady Maccas is open 24hrs: do they have so many casual staff on their books that she can only have 10 hours at most, during the day?? She has applied for a chef apprenticeship, and has spoken to the owner on the phone twice during the past week. I have convinced her to take the proactive step of actually going to the restaurant & introducing herself to them this week, so they can put a face to the name, and demonstrate that she is keen & has initiative. Hopefully, something may come of this. She really needs to assert her independence, and without money, that is impossible. Fingers crossed, eh? I'm crossing, my toes, legs, arms, eyes and t's as well.

S.Boy is enjoying his life at the moment. He had a great time in Sydney riding with the Freestyle Mototrials guys, travels to Armidale next weekend for a show, then after that to Dubbo, and Bathurst to ride at shows. He has been on the receiving end of kudos at KFC, with awards on paper, so hopefully, this will help him when he attends the final interview for an apprenticship for Port Waratah Coal Company on Tuesday. He's made to the final 10, with 2 mechanical & 2 electrical trades appenticships on offer. I think that just getting this far is an amazing feat, but he has no pre-apprenticship background, or electronics or electrical/computer training, so advancement past this point would be almost a miracle. But, he's made it this far, so there's something about thim that "they" like, so you never know. He is very keen to move to Newcastle to live, especially now that he has a "Cute, Awesome" girlfriend who lives at Charlestown. It is very convenient that he has his licence & a car, I can tell you, otherwise someone would have to drive him to all these places......... School is, well, almost over..... Somehow, we have to keep his feet on the ground for his HSC next month..... hmmmm

VB, who will have to have a new name soon, as he eats food other than vegetables these days, is a lovely, normal now-14yr old boy. He's had a birthday since my last post (the same day as Prue's), and enjoying the thrills of "Guitar Hero 3", a new PS3 controller and an up-dated, schmicker mobile phone. We bought him 1 for Christmas, but it has been in for repairs 3 times, so Mr Harvey Norman offerred a new phone as a replacement with a few extra dollars from us, as the new phone was almost 3 times the price of the original. He's happy. Thank heavens for Tax returns, I say.

I am the proud owner of a dishwasher, too. We've still no hot water connected, yet, but we're closer, with a written quote from a plumber........

That will do for now. I have to get ready to go.


<3 Blogmuggle ;0)


Myst_72 said...

Sounds like busy as usual for you Cyndy!
I hope your son is successful gaining an apprenticeship.

Do you have a hungry jacks nearby for GG?
They seem to pile on the hours - Z17 is getting 15 - 20 per week on top of college.
They are also paying extra for weekends now (here in Tas anyway).
May be worth a shot?


Cyndy said...

Thanks, G. I think part of the problem is that at 19, she's no longer a junior. Perseverance will pay off, eventually. ;0)

Anchell said...

Your life makes mine look so lazy. I would be a zombie if I were you I think.
So glad your house is coming together for you. Must be so nice finally.
Henny Penny Adamstown will be looking for staff now. Everyone just left.....

poody said...

I kept thinking that there would be a motorbike/dirtbike motocross whatever in the Olympics.I just knew if there was such an event the boy child woud be the Aussie fav!But,alas, no such luck! I mean, hello, there was badmitten??Who plays this? I have played it once in my whole lifetime and that was at a great aunt's house. Like, Where do the finals happen? Can you imagine?'s not an Aussie game now is it? LOL! I was cheering for the Oz boys in diving! I loved that they had the whole word Australia emblazened across their asses. I mean that is a whole lot of word for such little butts!