Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Black Dog..... with tan. Smooth. Very smooth. With big ears . And one with white and tan too... Small and rough coated, with amazing eyebrows..

never fear, the Blogmuggle is here.

Sort of.

TAFE is ok. Today I was nominated as competent in "Infection Control Procedures". OSCA was better than expected last week; I earned a smashing 37 out of 40 (equal 1st place) until another student complained of inconsistencies in the gradings, so all the exams were re-called. 8 students will be affected by the review, and guess what???? I'm one of them.......


oh well..... At least it's done and out of the way. Tomorrow night I have my Senior First Aid exam and Skills assessment.


I have another exam on Friday, and then another couple over the final few weeks.

Yes, that's right..... final few weeks ....... only 3 more after this one......

Damn. Now Gidget wants to sit on my lap. I now have a pup under each forearm, laying down along side me, as close as they can get.

Does anybody want a 7 month old, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped chihuahua cross terrier pup? There are 2 here that could do with a busy household........ seriously. These puppies are way too busy for my dad. They drive him mad. But he loves them. I keep telling him that he needs an adult dog, but it's just all too hard. And Mum bought them.

Anyway, I am all out of puff for tonight. I need to study. Anat and Phys I can do; bullshite theorists I have to work on........

Why do I feel like I want it to be Friday....... when it's only Tuesday??????????????

I can't even think of a title for my blog.

There's no music in there tonight. Thinking, thinking..... Yeah..... that will do.

It's right on up there at the top.

Love and hugs. You can't have too much of either.

And I think I might as well sign up for the non-practicing lesbian club..........

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