Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's a lovely day today....

Good Morning Bloggers.

Sunday morning in Blogmuggle land is quiet. Beloved & SB have gone a-biking in Sydney, GG is in Mussie after a night of "visiting" with dear friends, and VB is still snoring quietly in his room with another sonorous friend.

Nice. I'm sitting in my mum's dressing gown, the fire is still warm from last night, and Clare Bowditch is playing on the stereo. I've enjoyed my cup of tea and toast with vegemite.

Yep, nice. But it can't go on for much longer.

I have to walk down the street to buy washing powder and fire up the washing machine, as the baskets overfloweth. Beloved has been doing his best. The shed looks ok (it's all relative, you know), the boys and he aren't starving, and all appointments have been met so far. So, they CAN survive without me. But I don't think that it's a state that they can maintain for a very long time. It's do-able at the moment because there is an end-date..... June 13 to be exact. For this block of TAFE anyway.

Poor Beloved's been very busy on the house front this week too. He has 3 weeks more of long service leave, then it's back to work (for a rest, methinks). I don't think that enough is going to be done to allow him to relax back into work, and things are going to drag on...... We should have been having a painting frenzy this weekend, but the gyprock setter, who was supposed to be here on Monday hasn't turned up, and so nothing more that relates to the walls/ceilings can be done. The wet-area waterproofing guy is booked in for tomorrow and I don't know how he's supposed to do his job either. And if he doesn't get his bit done, then the council can't inspect it, the tiler can't tile, and the plumber can't plumb. And that's only the wet areas.......

Mind you, there's plenty of other things to do. A couple of doors needs painting or oiling, the old sideboard that was Beloved's grandparents' needs to be sanded, sealed and milk-painted so it can be transformed into a vanity cupboard, and I need to spray-frost 2 fanlights that are being transformed into a window.

And then there's TAFE. Tomorrow is the 1st anatomy & physiology test, so study needs to be done..... I think I'm going to be winging it with a rather large percentage of my natural brilliance, as my focus has been a little bit absent..... I'm sure it will kick in, won't it? Some of my fellow students have been studying using flashcards.... what the ????????

See, here I am blogging when I should be studying, washing, painting (do you ever have trouble with letters? Painting always comes out as apinting, you as yopu, woman as woamn and have as hvae or something similar) spraying, sanding.

Nope, no discipline.


I am glad of my life. I am lucky; fortunate. Please send some healing love to my friend Sharon, who has been fighting the good fight against cancer for a few years now. She is being released from the hospice at the Mater on Wednesday to come home...... there is no miracle cure for all. She remains strong, but there is an air about her, a look that says "love your life"... Something has shifted in her recently..... I haven't spent a great deal of time with her, as she is an incredibly private person, and I didn't wish to intrude into her space & peace that she has so carefully constructed around herself. Her husband is beautiful; her teenagers are simply that. They've been dealing with this all for a few years now, no children should have to. It's bloody difficult enough for adults..... I visited her in hospital last week, and showed her the angel gift pouch that Lisa had given me the morning of Mum's funeral and her reaction was amazing. She rolled it around in her hands, looking at the angel, then lifted it to her face, closed her eyes and sniffed, inhaling the perfume of the flowers, and lost herself in it for a few seconds. "That's beautiful", she said, holding it a little longer, before, handing it back. "Lovely", she said.
But you know, I think that she needs it more than I do now.....

Anyway, as I said, I have no discipline. I just get lost in the writing. And that, Diana, is what is so good about being able to blog.... I suppose other people might even find themselves in the writing.

I've got to go. Life awaits.

Love to you all.

Cyndy xoxox ;0)


Lisa said...

sending love and way out of the maze.......
LIsa xx

Faerie said...

Yes and good luck for you A&P test too!