Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Watch Out! Don't go in there..........

Well........I was hunting around looking for the video remote and was groping behind & and underneath the cushions. Our furniture has been in storage for about 18months. This is what I found hidden in one recliner (besides 2 min noodle shards)........
  1. 1 small metal washer
  2. 1 hair elastic (GG will be pleased)
  3. 1 'fizzer' lolly
  4. the battery cover for the tv remote (this has been lost for a while) ...yay, now the batteries will stop falling out
  5. 1 beer bottle top (I think these breed)
  6. 1 five cent piece
  7. 1 ten cent piece
  8. 1 'Lowes' clothing tag
  9. various fluff and hair
  10. a very sharp sticking-out staple that cut my finger
  11. and the biggest eeewwww-factor item(s)....6 'gold' chocolate coins of varying denominations. These would have been from Christmas stocking, hopefully 2004, but could be from 2002 or 2003.
Are you getting an idea of our household yet?

I told you I would never be Mother Of The Year!


Anchell said...

Gawd muggle, no posts for a week and then you hit the trifecta!!!!

Elizabeth said...

yes, well done cyndy.great posts & very inforamtive- under the cushions of my lounge - oh god, immediate fear- same as under the fridge & behind the washing machine & over at the cottage, the way I left it tonight straight after circle....double yuk !

Anchell said...

anyway, I wont even say what I found in my lounge cushions did necessitate several garbage bags, a mop and the vaccuum cleaner and most certainly contained bloody noodles