Friday, August 29, 2008

There are so many shades of black......

But not here: not today.

I did another exam today: I am still pinching myself: 96%! Oh my.... Conception, fertility, contraception, pregnancy/childbirth & mothercraft. I guess having my children has finally paid off.

Actually, I think it has paid off in spades. Last night, GG & I travelled home to Muswellbrook to watch the once-only performance of S.Boy's group and individual performances for his Year 12 Drama studies. The kids scripted, designed and directed their group project, and with only 6 kids in the class, 2 of which are not comfortable in the limelight, it was a big ask. Well, it was a hoot. Chock full of humourous one-liners & innuendo. And well done. It's been a little raw & unfinished, which is why it was so important that the kids present it to an audience. They now have faith in their own abilities, I think. Let's hope that they can pull it off for the examiners on Thursday.

Then the 2 less acting-inclined girls discussed the play that one had written, and the other her costume designs. Interesting, both of them. How do you set yourself out there with your creativity on show? To me, it's like being naked.... definitely easier to act as someone else. Another showed the short film that she had made. I was absolutely blown away by this. A simple concept that portrayed the desired message so well. There was more than one or two tissues being handed around, let me tell you. Poor Amy was concerned that she had made people cry: Beautiful girl, that was the point! To be able to arouse that sort of emotion is every director's dream.....
Ruth performed a self-styled piece as a falling star, concerned that as adults, we have lost the concept of hoping and wishing...... I still regularly make a wish on the evening star: now when I do it, I will hear the echo of Ruth's lovely clear voice singing: "Catch a falling star & put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day.."

Next, Michael was very dramatic in his performance of "Dr Faustas. Rock God", a variation of the Christopher Marlowe classic " Dr Faustas". He was breathtaking. I wouldn't be too surprised to see this boy on screen one day.

And S.boy. My Jack. He performed a piece from the movie/play, "Cosi", in the role of Doug, the pyromanic. David Wenham played the role back in 1996. I think, and I'm not biased, Beloved agrees with me, that there is something very special about my son........ He made the role his own: the audience loved him. Proud is an understatement. The look of wonderment, combined with pleasure on Beloved's face said it all.

Good luck to this talented group on Thursday!

S.boy also did well at his job interview on Thursday. The interviewer from the training company was pleased with him, and suggested that he will make it through to the final 40 potentials, but that he needs to try to get a feel for the role of an electrician, and why he wants to be one. Fair call. So, we have 2 weeks to try & get some on-the-job time for him. It won't be easy, with school, & his job at KFC. He's also been aked to do some shows with the Freestyle Trials guys again over the next few weeks.......

GG wasn't so lucky with her job interview at Bunnings.... But, she has worked quite a few shifts this week at Maccas, and 1 at Golo. Tomorrow, she works an "opener" at Maccas.... *snort*... she is SO not a morning person......

Actually, S.boy has just walked through the door, bemused, giggling, on his mobile phone. It would appear, that while he was parked outside a friend's house for about half an hour, someone decided that his car's bonnet would be a good place to take a dump (ie, defecate)...... hmm: go figure...... I hope he hasn't cooked it on.......

So, on that cheery note, that will do for tonight...
Have a good weekend! ;0)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All the... small things.....

I have decided to do a quick post in an attempt not to bore the pants off you later on.

Life in a nutshell .... (or nuthouse...)


  • NO hot water yet, but today the aircon was finally up and running. Beloved phoned me to tell me how nice it was sitting in his loungeroom in his underwear... because the aircon works sooo well, and it is very warm...... and I wasn't even wearing a cardigan without aircon....
  • Scorpaboy sat an entrance test for an apprenticeship in Newcastle last week, and has secured an interview this Thursday... Good Luck to him!
  • GG is picking up shifts at Maccas, and had a screening interview at Bunnings last week as well.
  • Vegeboy has no sport now, and is filling his time in at home with friends and "socialising" on MySpace..... it's his birthday next Monday: The big 1-4!!!! Prue's too-: 21!
  • Beloved is re-accredited "First Aider" again.... and works too hard at home. He is still trying to finish the cladding outside... what a job! And then there's the rest of the painting, landscaping.... et al.....
I have to take my hat off to my family: they are doing extremely well without me...... so patient. I'm not too sure that they miss me all that much. Well, Beloved does: he told me so.....

  • Busy, full-on. But will be over in a jiffy. A very busy jiffy. A test on Friday, and assignment on woundcare due on Monday. Then 3 more exams and a whole mess of clinical assessments due before September 19.............
  • I haven't been working myself as hard this time, and have tried to find more of a balance with family & friends. Dined with lovely family tonight, drank coffee with the Lovely Lisa this afternoon (always calmer after such time). I felt very off kilter today, and it wasn't a good day for it as I had a full-on day of clinical skills practice, so I needed my wits about me. My aura must have been interesting. As usual, as the day draws to a (theoretical) close, I feel better than I did.
Anyhoo, I'd best get on with my reviewing: it won't get done on its own, will it?

Now, to think of a title.......

Goodnight ;0)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Keep on with the force (don't stop)

Good evening, Bloggers.

Saturday night in the Muggle household is very quiet. Well, except for the sonorous sounds that Beloved is emitting from the relative comfort of the sofa...... And the Michael Jackson video on You Tube that is playing as I type. I saw the video on "rage" this morning, and I was taken aback, as I always am when I see the "old" Michael Jackson. I was such a fan of Michael's: I loved the energy and diversity (he was ground-breaking back then) of this extraordinarily talented and handsome young man. Oh, he was handsome: not the shell that he has become today. He has payed a high price for his art, don't you think? *sigh*.... I had posters of him on the wall of my room... and David, and Donny, and Giacomo... Giacomo? 500cc World Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion in the mid-70's..... As usual, I digress.

Anyway, I was extremely moved by the sheer joy in Michaels' face as I watched this video. I would wish him that joy again. Here's the link if you'd like to watch it too:

I've tried to upload a photo, but Blogger won't let me.


So instead, here's some lyrics:

Written and composed by Michael Jackson, 1979.

Lovely is the feelin now
Fever, temperatures risin now
Power (ah power) is the force the vow that makes it happen it asks no questions why (ooh)
So get closer (closer now) to my body now just love me til you dont know how (ooh)

Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough
Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough
Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough
Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough

Touch me and I feel on fire
Aint nothin like a love desire (ooh)
Im melting (Im melting) like hot candle wax sensation (ah sensation) lovely where were
At (ooh) so let love take us through the hours I wont be complanin cause this is love
Power (ooh)

Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough

Heartbreak enemy despise
Eternal (ah eternal) love shines in my eyes (ooh) so let love take us through the hours i
Wont be complanin (no no)
cause your love is alright, alright

Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough

Lovely is the feeling now I wont be complanin (ooh ooh)
The force is love power

Keep on with the force dont stop
Dont stop til you get enough
(ad-lib to fade)

Anyway, it's after midnight, and time for bed. I'll need to get Beloved off the sofa and into bed too.

Or maybe I won't.......

Night All ;0)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mr Sandman....

I wish that I'd taken my own advice from my blog heading last night.

I was still awake at 3.30 this morning. Awake again, then out of bed before 7am.

I managed to stay remotely up to speed at TAFE today (I was getting a little confused during my aseptic techniques for wound care, though.... damn those "clean" and "dirty" forceps...), didn't miss the stop on the bus and train to M.Brook, and managed to stay awake through a movie with Beloved and VB.

It's now 11.45pm.

I'm off to shower, then oozing into bed.

Goodnight all.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz (hopefully)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If you are worried and you can't sleep, then count your blessings instead of sheep.

I saw a sign last night........ It said:
"Get Rich Quick:
Count Your Blessings!"
Yessirree, I think I should.

Monday, August 11, 2008

All the, small things....... truth care, truth brings..

Good evening all.

Here's a slightly more personal blog today. I'll try to keep it short, and keep deep vein thrombosis at bay. However, if you feel some numbness creeping into your nether and lower regions, cease reading, and come back later........

  • I have survived my 1st week at back at TAFE. If I thought that the last block was hectic, well...... it was just an introduction..... This block is only seven weeks long. I will take back all the whinging that I did in regard to the essays that I had to write over the clinical placement block: at least they're done.. and I am soooo glad that I have "recognition of prior learning" in regard to the aged care unit... 1 less essay to write.....
  • I am trying to walk, at least a bit, every day. It takes me 40-45minutes to walk to TAFE, but the load of books makes it a bit painful.
  • I had dinner with my friend, Katrina, last Wednesday. She is on her 3rd round of chemo, and all things considered, is doing really well. She looks rather good sans hair... I mentioned to her that maybe it had been holding her back..... it has always been a lovely thick ginger mane: very defining..... Time just HAS to be made for old friends.
  • Had dinner with another life-long bestie, Janine, and family on Friday while GG was attending a dinner party. It was lovely to touch base. It was a very late return to Walnut Grove (3am), and COLD.
  • Uneventful weekend at home.
  • Today, Beloved, VB and I saw his paediatrician for a long-overdue consult at JHH. Dr Avi doesn't want to see us again.
  • Beloved was supposed to shop and go home, but instead spent the day with his parents. His lovely mum has developed some cardiac issues, and had a docs appointment, and his dad has spent the last few days in residence in their bathroom. For most of us, this is traumatic, but for someone dependent upon cardiac medication and a delicate relationship with his fluid balance, this can be a disaster. I'll phone them tomorrow, then go over in the evening, I think. If it doesn't ease soon, he may need a drip to even things out.... he probably already needs it. Mum-in-law was taken to the docs by Beloved, and has a follow-up review on Wednesday. Lordy, parents are a worry.
  • Sboy started his HSC trial exams today. He has his actual HSC Drama performance assessments soon, too.
  • GG is still working at Golo, but did 3 orientation shifts at Broadmeadow Maccas last week as well as 1 shift at Golo. This week, she has no shifts, anywhere..... Does anyone have a job for a personable 19yr old female???? GG is probably much more pleasant than I have expressed here. She has expressed interest in becoming a mortician........
Ok. That's all then.

'Night all.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

(Please don't) Give it to me......

Don't stop me now, don't need to catch my breath
I can go on and on and on
When the lights go down and there's no one left
I can go on and on and on

Give it 2 me, Yeah
No one's gonna show me how
Give it 2 me, Yeah
No one's gonna stop me now

All right, we get it Madge!!!!!!!!

You're over-buff, could do with a good feed and you're having a mid-life crisis that, to quote one of your own songs, "goes on and on and on and on...."..........


Get over it.

Pay someone to dance on your film clips.

Sing something that is half-way decent, instead of selling out as you try to be something that you're not; you've stopped evolving. Being interesting.

And for heaven's sake, do your kids a favour and PUT SOME FRIGGING CLOTHES ON AND LEAVE THEM ON!

Pathetic. Sad. Embarrassing.

I loved the old stuff........



Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oh, oh, telephone line.... Give me some time... I'm living in twi-i-i-light......

My apologies to the Electric Light Orchestra......

For those of you who had tried to visualise where my mobile phone was, and were rewarded with a picture of a rolling, foamy ocean, you were right.

There my phone was, mocking me as I said....

from the front pocket of the jeans that I had worn yesterday.....

that were now freshly washed.......

hanging on the line to dry..........

Mocking me, indeed!

And it doesn't seem to work, for some reason......

Bugger........ It was just over a month old.......


Minute by minute by minute by minute by minute....

That's how my time at home is going... and FAST! I return to TAFE at Belmont tomorrow morning before the sparrows fart. It's an extremely intense 7 week block this time. At the moment, I'm not at all interested. But I'll get there. I've lots to do today, though.
  1. Find my mobile phone..... somewhere, it sits, mocking me......
  2. Finish the assignment that I have left until the last second... and was still up doing at 3am. I was awake before 7......
  3. Go to the hospital at Scone to bick up the charity box of Freddos and Caramello Koalas that I left there by accident on Friday......... hopefully, they've all been bought and eaten.
  4. Try and get some clinical skills signed off while I'm there... wish me luck ;0)
  5. Pick up VB from a friend's farm on the way back. I've no idea where it is. I imagine that VB is sending me text messages to tell me: If only I had my phone.....
  6. Buy food for for the troops left behind.....
  7. Fill up GG's newly-registered vehicle with petrol. The new rego system is amazing: The e-safety check was done in the morning as I drank a nice cappucino whilst reading the paper.... the details sent to the RTA immediately. I payed the greenslip insurance over the net..... the details were sent to the RTA immediately.... I payed the rego on the RTA site over the net... NO STANDING IN LINES AT THE RTA!!!!!! .. You've gotta love that!
  8. Wash, hang, dry, fold, sort...... repeat.....
  9. Pack my bag (won't take long as my wardrobe is very limited) and sort through my stuff for TAFE (will take a while as I've too much crap...)
  10. Pay a multitude of bills via b-pay (love that facility...hate the bills...)... including the greenslip insurance on the passat-formerly-knownn as Pop's, ready for transfer and re-registration. Then it's Beloved's problem...
  11. Watch Dr Who tonight.........
  12. Sleep....zzzzzzz
Well, I guess I'd better shower and get on with it......

Have a good day!