Monday, August 11, 2008

All the, small things....... truth care, truth brings..

Good evening all.

Here's a slightly more personal blog today. I'll try to keep it short, and keep deep vein thrombosis at bay. However, if you feel some numbness creeping into your nether and lower regions, cease reading, and come back later........

  • I have survived my 1st week at back at TAFE. If I thought that the last block was hectic, well...... it was just an introduction..... This block is only seven weeks long. I will take back all the whinging that I did in regard to the essays that I had to write over the clinical placement block: at least they're done.. and I am soooo glad that I have "recognition of prior learning" in regard to the aged care unit... 1 less essay to write.....
  • I am trying to walk, at least a bit, every day. It takes me 40-45minutes to walk to TAFE, but the load of books makes it a bit painful.
  • I had dinner with my friend, Katrina, last Wednesday. She is on her 3rd round of chemo, and all things considered, is doing really well. She looks rather good sans hair... I mentioned to her that maybe it had been holding her back..... it has always been a lovely thick ginger mane: very defining..... Time just HAS to be made for old friends.
  • Had dinner with another life-long bestie, Janine, and family on Friday while GG was attending a dinner party. It was lovely to touch base. It was a very late return to Walnut Grove (3am), and COLD.
  • Uneventful weekend at home.
  • Today, Beloved, VB and I saw his paediatrician for a long-overdue consult at JHH. Dr Avi doesn't want to see us again.
  • Beloved was supposed to shop and go home, but instead spent the day with his parents. His lovely mum has developed some cardiac issues, and had a docs appointment, and his dad has spent the last few days in residence in their bathroom. For most of us, this is traumatic, but for someone dependent upon cardiac medication and a delicate relationship with his fluid balance, this can be a disaster. I'll phone them tomorrow, then go over in the evening, I think. If it doesn't ease soon, he may need a drip to even things out.... he probably already needs it. Mum-in-law was taken to the docs by Beloved, and has a follow-up review on Wednesday. Lordy, parents are a worry.
  • Sboy started his HSC trial exams today. He has his actual HSC Drama performance assessments soon, too.
  • GG is still working at Golo, but did 3 orientation shifts at Broadmeadow Maccas last week as well as 1 shift at Golo. This week, she has no shifts, anywhere..... Does anyone have a job for a personable 19yr old female???? GG is probably much more pleasant than I have expressed here. She has expressed interest in becoming a mortician........
Ok. That's all then.

'Night all.


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The Tall Red Head said...

An interesting week all round for you! Much more exciting than mine anyway!