Thursday, May 03, 2007

Out of the Blue...........Thanks to Our Poo

ermmm.... Hello..... I'd better blog......

For some unfathomable reason, anchellblue is nagging me to blog..... It's not easy; there's nothing, yet everythying to say. I've always been more of a listener than an initiator, which is probably why I spend more time reading, then muggling (a term we should also thank the afore-mentioned anchell for) comments on other people's blogs rather than actually writing on by own blogspot. Hmmmmmm............. What's in my head tonight?.......

1. What to call this post????????
In case any of you have noticed, almost all of my titles are song titles, or lyrics. So in keeping with this, today's has been named after the Delta Goodrem song, not in reference to The Poo (Mark Philopoussis), but Our Poo, Arty Farty Mary. (Whoo-hoo; I can see her typing furiously now!)
BTW, Mary; it's still a good name for your exhibition.

2. Should I repeat my previous instructions re the prevention of dehydration, diabetic coma and DVT??????

That's up to you folks. Let's see where this takes us. You can leave anytime you like.

3. What on earth can I talk about???????
Well, try this on;
As you may recall, our lot were participating in the "Relay for Life" last weekend. Vegeboy was a late withdrawal due to a hostile party takeover with his friends. Oh hang on; it wasn't really that hostile...... I dropped him off at midday on Saturday and was glad that I didn't have to worry about what he was up to while we were all camped out......... and walking, walking, walking....
I had been very busy as the usual taxi service, and didn't actually start walking until 4pm. I had to leave again at 6pm to take GG to her night out with the girls, and to pick up Beloved from work. Unfortunately, during the survivors lap and opening ceremony, there was a torrential downpour, and I mean WET WET WET!!!!! I was still at home, so I was very comfy, thank you very much. Unfortunately, quite a few went home. It's understandable really; immuno-compromised folk really shouldn't tempt fate. There were still a lot of folk there; around 550!
Once I returned, the laps around the showground began in earnest for Beloved and me. We had a core of walkers in our team; Ess and Gaz, Sharon and Shane, Beloved and me. Our kids walked as well, but not with the regularity of the rest. It was a huge effort for Sharon in particular, as she is still on a 29 week cycle of chemotherapy. We encouraged her to rest as much as possible, but this woman is truly inspiring. We walked for an hour at a time, around 5-6 laps each, for a distance of 1000m...each lap! Through the wee small hours, we were supposed to walk singly, so that other members could rest/sleep, but I just couldn't sleep, so I continued to partner whomever was walking for most of their turn. I've tried to estimate exactly how far I walked over the course of 16hours, but I just can't really fathom that I walked so far... somewhere between 30 and 50klm's. I wish we'd kept a record; next year we will.
In reality, it was just less painful to walk than it was to stop. I am a sloth by nature. I HATE exercising. But ask me to move around for something with a real purpose, then I'm your girl....... We were dreading the body breakdown on Monday..... Tuesday.... Wednesday...But surprisingly, it hasn't happened. I'm actually less sore than I would have thought, and certainly in less discomfort with my knees and hips than I was in the week leading up to the event. I was dreading the weekend as I had been taking prescription antinflammatories and ibuprofen over the last 2 weeks. But it's all good in that department!
The best part is, it is estimated that probably
One Hundred Thousand Dollars
has been raised for the NSW Cancer Council!!!!!!
It was amazing to be involved in such a positive thing. Being part of a group who are all working towards the same goal was one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done. Even though Ess and Gaz will be continuing on their around Australia trip in January, we have decided that we will all do it again next year.
Let's Beat this Beast!!!!!!!!
To this end, we're also hosting "Australia"s Biggest Morning Tea" at work........
4. What else;
Unlucky stuff;
  • My brother managed to write of my beautiful uncle's faithful ute last Saturday in the wet weather after aquaplaning in the wet. He was doing a favour for Dad's sister (for whom he has little regard for, but he's a good Christian, and a good son). The fence he ran into takes a regular battering, according to it's owner, and the power pole (that Glen managed to miss) had only been replaced during the week after someone took it on and lost.... He and Dad weren't hurt, and you'll be pleased to know that the sofa made it to it's destination on one piece.....
  • GG's new Xmas/Graduation Laptop decided to take a career break, and the touchpad feels that it's been abused and would prefer she chased with a mouse instead. Luckily, it's under warranty, so won't cost to repair, but the pace of essays and assignments has picked up at uni this week, and she not only misses her computer; SHE NEEDS IT!
  • ScorpaBoy has had his hours at IGA/Thriftylink reduced from 11 hrs to 5hrs this week...and he's NOT HAPPY! The management decided to give another kid 20hrs instead, as he's dropped out of school, and he needs a job....... what the? That'll teach Scorpaboy to stay at school and continue with his education.....

I think that'll do for tonight; it's 12.20am; I'd best be off to bed. I've work tomorrow!


;0) cyndy



Anchell said...


You are an excellent walking money raising machine for sure. For some one who says they have such a mundane life muggle, you sure get up to lots of stuff!

I do love a girl who can do as she's told though!

poody said...

good for you Cyndy! I'm right proud of ya darlin'!

Cyndy said...

that's me...meek and mild....
thanks, poody!

rainbowspirit said...

well done muggle!! glad everyone was ok, and the sofa survived!!

luv jen

Anonymous said...

We are also thinking of doing a "Tea" at the cottage too!Renata.

Kris said...

Go Cyndy! Our Relay for Life is the 11th. Being that cancer care is what I do every day, May gets to be very exciting for us!