Friday, May 18, 2007

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news....

The weekend is here again; how did that happen?
Wednesday's footcare course in Tamworth was good, but there was no actual cutting of nails, as everybody had well-cared-for toenails. But I did get an absolutely killer foot massage by an AIN from Autumn Lodge in Armidale. Her name is Tammy. Way to go Tammy!!!!!!!!
I caught up with an old friend for coffee when it was finished, then went for a drive past our old home up there. The new owners (we sold it 12 years ago....) have recently added onto the back of the house, basically doubling it in size. It looks good, but hasn't been painted yet. I wonder what colours the owners will choose? We had painted it a lovely rich cream colour with a pale grey-green trim and burgundy accents just before we sold it. It was a picture; a lovely old weatherboard and iron-roofed cottage. Of course, the colours are a little dated now; it was painted in heritage colours which was very fashionable at the time. Now everything is sophisticated urban neutrals...... which look good too, but they'll date a home pretty quickly. I think the paint manufacturers love fashion trends.
<3,> ...I loved that house... <3,>
A Vegeboy update;
The local GP, Dr J, gave me a referral for a gastroenterologist, whom I rang for an appointment on Tuesday, but he told me that Vegeboy is too young, and he would prefer him to see a paediatrician. Fine, said I. Except for the fact that DrJ is now off work sick, then decided to drive home to Sydney so that his wife could look after him, resulting in him having a car accident at Wollombi......... He reckons that he will be back at work next week sometin=me, but that's to long and too indecisive for me where my son is concerned. I took VB to see a different doc in Muswellbrook, Dr K, on Thursday, who decided that VB needed to see a Paediatric Gastroenterologist...
Good, said I...WHO?
Dr K gave me the name of a specialist who works out of the John Hunter Hospital, but only holds clinics once a month.... and there are no appointments until OCTOBER!!!
HMMMM...... I asked where he was based in Sydney, and was told "The Childrens' Hospital at Westmead". No, he doesn't you know; I rang and asked them. They suggested that I try "The Childrens' Hospital" at Randwick.... BINGO!...Or so I thought..... Dr Lemberg certainly does hold clinics there, but there are no appointments until .........AUGUST-SEPTEMBER!
So I asked if he had private rooms; "Of Course. Here is his number..."
So I was able to secure an appointment to see this very in-demand doctor on Tuesday at 2.15pm. At the cost of $240, upfront. The Medicare rebate is approximately $113.
Now, I'm not grumbling about the money, or the fact that Beloved and I will both need time off work to take our boy to the doctors. We have private medical insurance that is very rarely utilised, so at least that will help us. And we can find the money to pay the account. But what if we couldn't? How many kids and families are waiting for treatment because they're not cashed-up? How many kids just get sicker and sicker, and miss out on treatment and medication that can arrest their illness or even cure it? We can hop in our car and make the 4-5hr drive in relative comfort... others can't. We don't even have to be worried about the other kids at home, or drag them along with us. I've heard of families of 5 or 6 members that travel in uncomfortable, unreliable old vehicles or on Public transport for 9 or 10 hours, then sleep in their car, or wherever they can whilst little ones are treated. Or the family divides and some remain with friends and miss the support and strength that can be crucial to recovery. And there's lots of people who experience this.
It's just not right.
We are indeed lucky. And I don't think that there really is too much wrong with my gorgeous Vegeboy. We just need to make sure.
The 'new" car is off the road for repairs... it has been now for two days. Oh well, at least I had 3 mornings of not taking Beloved to work......
Saturday is busy as usual, but at least there is no football this weekend. GG will be home soon as there is a band gig at the PCYC that a friend has organised. It's from 10am until 10pm. But the boys won't be ther for a lot of it as Scorpaboy will be at work, and then we have to attewnd a work function for Beloved's company, which has been sold. In the 11yrs that Beloved had worked there, this is the FIRST function that the children have been invited to. And then we drive to Sydney, to stay at the home of MrScorpa, the bike sponsor, in Sydney. The boys have a mototrials competition on Sunday near Canberra. That way, we don't have to drive all the way to Canberra Saturday night or Sunday. But we will drive all the way home on Sunday night after the boys finish the competition.
Luckily, we don't have to work on Monday.
But we will drive to Sydney on Tuesday.
So take care, and have a safe and happy weekend!


Kathleen said...

Thinking of you and yours : )

Anchell said...

You are an amazing woman muggle.
How in the hell do you do all this stuff AND work AND be sane?

Bee said...

just popping in to say hello,hope nothing is wrong with son,xxxxxxx

Cyndy said...

We just do it, don't we......

And I'm sure the boy is fine. I'm just contributing to the drs next overseas holiday, that's all. And I'm glad that I can see him rather than waiting months.... thank heavens for our new "savings" from the credit union.. it's just one less job thst we can do around the house, that's all.

Thanks girls xoxo

poody said...

I thought y'all had socialized medical care in the UK???