Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning.....

"Oh what a beautiful day!!"
It's been another Saturday where I viewed the sunrise from the carpark at Macdonalds. But at least they were open this time. And the vanilla chai (skinny of course) was delicious, even if the hash brown was a little limp, and too greasy. I think it may be the last one that I eat for a while. It couldn't possibly be the milky tea that upsets my tummy, oh no....... it must be the greasy, limp, baaaad hash brown.
It was a foggy drive this morning, and I have been thinking that we really should invest in some foglights. Even if our vision doesn't improve, then at least we will be more visible to others. Beloved almost ran over a little bunny this morning; we think it ran right underneath us... only run into the path of a Police 4WD travelling in the opposite direction...... Poor wee thing. I can't bear the thought over running over things. It still makes me sick inside to see the number of dead roos, foxes and the like on the road. The one time a roo jumped onto my car (yes, that's right; it jumped onto the front passenger side of my car), it layed down on the road, and by the time I stopped, parked the car and went back to see how it was, it stood up, shook itself and hopped away. I was out the back of nowhere, but luckily, not too much was damaged; blinker, grill and panel damage. Amazingly, he missed the headlight. It's never been repaired, except for the replacement of the indicator lights. The car is too old, and parts are hard to find. It's always a bit of a lottery when the car versus a wild animal; a hurt and disorientated roo can be a dangerous thing to be around, all sharp claws and muscly legs and tail. I had a friend who was happily driving along, when a roo jumped off a rise on the side of the road, smashing through the passenger side window, landing on the seat beside her. Luckily, she was alone at the time. Thank goodness there wasn't a person on the passenger seat. Such is the peril of a country-based community nurse.
Enough of the morbid!!!!!!
It was a lovely, quiet drive home, sipping on the chai tea, listening to the radio. I enjoy driving around in the car; it's a source of quiet time, I guess. But I've always enjoyed travelling around the countryside, watching the seasons and the effects of the seasons around me. Today, as I rounded the bend approaching Walnut Grove, it wasn't there! Walnut Grove was Brigadoon; absolutely shrouded in fog it was. All I could see was the mountains in the distance. If only I could have heard the distant skirl of a lone piper........ Another thing to put a smile on my face.
It will be a quiet weekend for this muggle. All that I have planned is to take Vegeboy to the football this morning. He isn't playing, just watching. He hasn't been a well boy over the last week. He has had intermittent bowel problems over the last few months, and we are now on the trail to figure out what is going on with him. The best case scenario is that he has a simple infection such as giardia. Easily treatable, at least. It will be more of a problem if it's something such as Crohn's disease. How to you treat that with a kid who lives on vegetables and fibre? Anyway, things will be clearer when the test results come back on Monday. He is a little flat, and tires easily, but is his usual odd little self otherwise. He is delightfully affectionate, my baby....
It will be a very quiet weekend here. Sunday will be spent right here in muggletown. A girlfriend has invited me to morning tea for Mothers Day with another friend, but we'll see what pans out here. I am looking forward to a lovely lie in here. Then I expect the boys will go off riding, which will make for a very quiet day at home. I will miss GG, however, and my own Mum. I haved asked GG to enjoy Mothers' day with her Nan in lieu of me. I'm sure she'll make up for both of us. I have the urge to "no-more-gaps" between some lining boards, and slap some blue paint onto the front veranda posts. Or maybe not. You never know what will happen. One of my favourite quotes is;
"Always expect the unexpected".
It is MY day after all; I can spend it how I wish, no?
So as you can see, all is good in the world of the blogmuggle, nice and quiet. If I had to give it a colour, I would say it is pink. Not too bright and over the top, but a subtle shade of quiet pink.
So I wish you all the happiest of Mothers' Days. It is a day to remember the special qualities of a mum, and of those women who have touched our lives in so many ways. Enjoy those crumbs in between the sheets.......
"I've got a wonderful feeling;
Everything's going my way"
Love, the (pink) Blogmuggle ;0)


Bee said...

sounds good to me cindy,hope it keeps going your way xxxxx

rainbowspirit said...

you are adorable....

may your day be as beautiful as you!!

my eldest had giadia earlier this year, she didnt eat for 9 days and lost about 8kg, she had to take 4 antibiotic tablets at once, that was all, doc said she would be good in 48 hours - it was as he said, almost to the minute. disgusting bug, when you think about it...

luv jen

Kris said...

Bless Vegaboy's heart and innards! Hope they get to the bottom of this. Maybe a simple allergy to a food or something. One of my friends has Chrohn's...she gets all puffy while on steroids, and my dad had Giardia while drinking from a stream down from a beaver dam. Whoops. Keep us posted!

Anchell said...

Oh poo!

Predictable arent I

Have a lovely mums day!!

poody said...

I hate hitting animanls on the roda too. I once acidentally ran over a squirrel on the way to work. He ran righ out if front of me and I tried to swerve to avoid him but I murderd him and cried about it all day long!Does the boy eat milk products? He sounds like he could use soem zinc in his diet. Most vegetarians are lacking in zinc.