Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Posting Pictures??????

Well, this sort of worked..........

I have never tried this before, and usually it takes me hours and several attempts to send an email with attatchments. You folks who do this regularly have my unswerving devotion and respect. I'm not even sure where the writing will go. I only know that nothing's where I want it, and I can't move it. I'm not going to bother GG as she has finally hit the books this evening...she didn't even watch "Thank God You're Here" as she said she has wasted enough time today. I will, however, have to disturb her so she and I can have dinner. Vege-Boy has 2 friends over and they've already been fed, Fanta'd and Paddlepopped. The blended family resulted in him having his birthday celebrations on 2 occassions as kids were in town, rather than will the absentee parent. ....Lucky him....wrestling, wrestling and more wrestling......

So, to the subjects of these photos.....
The very attractive canine is our lovely Tessa. Tessa was a beautiful gift that came into our family 9 years ago, and was very, very special to us. Sadly, Tess developed cancer, as boxers tend to do, and after a very short struggle, we decided that it was time to end her misery on December 23 last year. Our little family surrounded her with love, and she was wagging her tail and smiling as she left us. Anyone who has had a boxer has seen the smile that only a boxer can have. She is buried under the crepe myrtle tree at the side of our yard, and we plan to plant a shady garden area to sit with her. We miss her every day.

The kitties.....the tabby is Mosi, Elly's cat. She named him after spending hours trolling the net looking for something suitable. She told me it was the Egyptian word for "Cat". Most of the time, we just call him "Mo". He has just turned 2, but seems so much older. We think he used a fair number of his lives up last year. We went to Queensland for the Aussie Titles last October, and Mo went to his Uncle Glen's at Elermore Vale for a holiday. Instead of a one week sojourn in the wilds of Glen and Lisa's house (complete with three children under 7), Mo decided to take his chances with the Great Elermore Outdoors. He didn't return. We resigned ourselves to the fact that our very placid, unworldly boy was gone. One Friday about 4 weeks later, I was at Medibank Private at Charlestown Square, when Lisa rang in a state of shock; Mo had been meowing at the door, so she let him in and he was sleeping peacefully on her lounge, oblivious to the attentions of the 2yrold. Funny that I was in Newie when he returned....He hasn't left us again, even though we moved into the caravan park before we moved into the house.

The tortie kitten is our very exotic Maine Coon-Bombay cross, Lulu. I own the only Maine Bomb cat in the world!! She also comes with a story. A friend of mine breeds exotic cats for a living. In January this year, I rang her to see how she was going. The next day was the first anniversary of her partners' passing, so we decided to get together. Upon my arrival, she handed me a ball of fluff, and said "this one's got your name on it". Lulu was an accident; her Bombay mother (who was in season, but Rhonda didn't know) was put into the nearest pen, which was holding a handsome Maine Coon, very studly, male. Th rest is history...except for the fact that my Lulu was the first born of 6 kittens, and she blocked the way, resulting in the none of the others surviving. She cost Rhonda about $5000 !!! Needless to say, she was irrestistible, even though we weren't planning any more pets......More coincidences; the Bombay is commonly referred to as "the witch's cat", and, Lulu was born the day before Tessa died...She was meant to be mine!

Well, I'll try to post some other pictures another time.......Wish me Luck!

Cheers! Love, Blogmuggle;) xoxo (emphasis on Muggle)


Anonymous said...

I had a boxer too, who went the same way. We miss him everyday too. Boxers are special!

Anonymous said...

cyndy, i thought that was one cat with two heads!!
and by the way.........none of know where the writing is going to go-we just write , download & publish !
you are doing well- hope the paddlepopped sticks dont find their way to the computer desk 1

Cyndy said...

My cats do not come from Cessnock!

Anonymous said...

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