Saturday, October 14, 2006

40 Reasons Why I like To Blog.....

Well, here I go, let's see if I can do it; I've never been much good with numbers. (it's also after midnight, but I'm far);
  1. Lisa told me to
  2. Anchell told me to
  3. Anchell told me to, again
  4. Elly told me I should
  5. Beloved said "why would I do that?"; I confounded him a's good to keep him on his toes
  6. Beloved smirked and said "Addict; I knew you wouln't be able to help yourself"; this makes him feel that he knows me a little better
  7. Sets Beloved's mind at ease; he always knows where I am
  8. It cuts into Scorpa-boy's computer time
  9. It has set up a special communication link between Elly and me
  10. It has set up a communication link between Elly and her extended family
  11. And their extended family
  12. It has renewed my link with the lovely Laihnabeth and her family (we keep on finding each other)
  13. I am a stickybeek like not only Esme Watson, but Gladys Kravitz and Dorrie Evans (gee, I'm old)
  14. I've had the priviledge of watching a starving Ballerina pole dance
  15. I been able to share in Jacqui's amazing growth over the past weeks
  16. I am validated in my commitment to motherhood
  17. Or not
  18. I can say what I think without fear of raising eyebrows
  19. If I do, it doesn't matter
  20. I am accepted by a group who know next to nothing about me, and do not place pressure upon me in regard to expectations
  21. I am constantly amazed by the insight and integrity of these people
  22. I am humbled by the ability of these people to share
  23. I love the support that is given, unconditionally
  24. I truly enjoy the quirky sense of humour that bloggers have
  25. I have been given the name "Mary"; it's one of the nicest things I have ever been called
  26. I like a bit of intrigue
  27. I have learned that people all over the world share the same difficulties in life, whilst being nothing alike at all
  28. It's good to be different
  29. It improves my typing (maybe)
  30. I have (sort of) learned how to post pictures
  31. I have shared in Anchell's beautiful artwork
  32. I know where Calendar Club will be so I can buy a Boxer Calendar for my Gorgeous Girl, and a Cat calendar for my Vegeboy, and maybe calendars for Christmas (Romy's gotta pay for those Chinese herbs somehow)
  33. I have learned about symbols, channelling and Angels...
  34. And Spirit Guides and things that witches do
  35. It's fun
  36. It's something I know my husband will NEVER read
  37. I'm in contact with like souls
  38. I've found other folk who love British comedy, like myself. For some reason, they're a bit thin on the ground
  39. The funny sayings, the aching poetry (I'll know I'm a real blogger when I can do this)
  40. There are people who accept me because I AM.............

With love from The Blogmuggle xoxoxo <3 <3 <3


Anonymous said...

The name Gladys Kravits is familiar to me - I don't remember where though.

I love how we are connected, and sharing our lives, yet have not met in the physical, I can feel the support and love surrounding the group : )

Kathleen xOx

Romy said...

I remember Gladys Kravits...Green Acres was'nt it? Oh my God!I think t.v. was still black and white!!!!

Anonymous said...

wasnt gladys kravits from I dream of jeannie or bewitched - i think esme was from a country practice and dorrie was from number 96 or something of a similar era....
you are hilarious too cyndy

Anonymous said...

youAREyouAREyouARE- w.v for youARE

Anonymous said...

great list Mary- you are doing so very well-I only know dorrie evans, the rest are a mystery.......
me x

Anonymous said...

Im sure gladys was bewitched.....the one with that horrible little nephew....

Cyndy said...

Gladys was the nosy neighbour, always peeking through her venetians, on "Bewitched", Dorrie was on "No 96" and port and lemonade-loving Esme was on "A Country Practice"...ah TV... the culture of my generation....<3 ;)xoxo

Shergar said...

And TV takes up much less time than the internet.