Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A cautionary tale..

Yesterday, I finally went into BettaorWorsa to sort out the schamozzle with the GE Money Genie and the credit that was owing to us. Happy-Birthday-Boy-Troy was extremely apologetic, and prefaced with a warning; the office girls wouldn't be in until 11am, but he'd ring GE and see what he could find out. Bad news; the credit , dated 17/10/06 by BettaorWorsa, hadn't been received by the Important Credit Office, and would not be processed for 7 to 10 working days minimum after it had been received. Not good enough says I, explaining that we will miss out on a special price at Dick Smiths, if we aren't processed by Wednedsday. Never fear, says Happy-Birthday-Boy-Troy; he'll get the girls onto it as soon as they get in and let me know. OK.. true to his word, he called me at 1pm and said that all would be done in 20 minutes at the latest.
So I rang Beloved, and gave him the good news; Go ahead and thrust us deeper into debt whenever you're ready!!!! At 4.45 that afternoon, Beloved calls me, accompanied by a plume of steam, coming through the phone...We still only had $400 credit withthe GE Money Genie! So, I phoned BettaorWorsa, talking to the lovely Keira, this time, who took my details and assured me she would check it out, and phone me back. She did. Bad news. The GE Money Genie Girl said that no-one in their office would have given out that information, and thaere was no way that anything would be processed in under a week, and there was no record of the credit at this point either.........Beloved was even more annoyed. I suggested that he call GE Money Genie and raise the credit limit for a week or so until all went through, and he said not a chance; they can all get stuffed!!! I mentioned that it would save us $100 for the special price.....and left it up to him.
He did not say a word when he arrived home, just through himself into finishing off the aircon installation that he had started a few days before, and then proceeded to work on Scorpa-Boy's bent motorbike. He said nothing really through tea... Finally he said he didn't buy anything that day... and he was less than impressed with Dick Smiths as they failed to mention to us that the same laptop was coming on sale on Tuesday, and would save us another $100!!!!!! Bugger em, I said..
What is the go with these people? BettaorWorsa had a catalogue with lots of laptops advertised, then after a phone call to the warehouse, they couldn't supply, so we ordered a better, but more expensive one, telling us it would be in stock within 3 days...then nothing..no worries, we didn't need it right away..we just wanted it a good price. Then a phone call to tell us that they weren't even allowed to sell us one...but it took them 13 days to work this out! Then Dick Smiths give us a time limit to purchase so that they can make $100 more out of us!!!!
The end result of all this is that Beloved came home with a surprise for Gorgeous Girl this evening...He had looked at his card and noted that it ran out soon, and there isn't a new one in sight, so he called them and upped the limit (surprise, surprise, this can be done instantly), and bought the desired laptop at the even lower special price..now, instead of studying for her hospitality exam tomorrow, she's setting up her new computer..I didn't want her to have it until after the exams were over, but beloved rationalised it by saying that we would lose a couple of months warranty if it just sat in the box, so she may as well use it.......Male logic at it's finest!!!.......I wonder how hard it will be, and how long it will take te GE Money Genie to reduce our credit limit again....
Live and learn...

love, Cyndy xoxo

PS; Do you know that Shergar has "pulled the plug" (his words) on his blog? ..shame....he was intersting, and fun...;)


Anonymous said...

wow- the hassles involved in getting agood price from Dick Smiths- credit genies dont sound anywhere near as much fun as tim tam genies....shergar has gone you say ?
sad...........like losing a MAry.....

Severina said...

I hear your angst here, I get so angry with this sort of set up, these days I go without !

Anonymous said...


salvagehoarse said...

Hello Cyndy,

Ye gads!!! It sounds awful and enough to give me a skin rash.
Thank you for stopping by. I did blog quickly just because Anchell and you were kind enough to wonder what of me. I'm timed on the net due to having use computer at nearest cafe.
I'm struggling kicking myself into Mali chumpas mode.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where they keep the hairy arse crack calenders?
You scared me marymuggle...blog people are now REAL....oh my goodness what will become of us!