Friday, March 07, 2008

If I lay here, if I just lay here........

Would you lie with me and just forget the world??????????

I'd love to, especially if it was with mum.

I spent a few hours with mum last night. Alternating with my Dad, brother, and GG. And there really is no change, except that, after 5 days of being fed "Jevity" via her naso-gastric tube, she has decided to empty her bowels for the first time. And a good jobbie it was too......... evidently, from the looks on the nurses' faces, and the aroma that greeted us upon entering the ICU. *snort*
The doctors say it's just waiting, waiting, waiting. And that she may have started to climb out of the hole. Hmmmmmm...... really???????

It's Mum's sister's birthday today; Happy Birthday, Helen!. (never miss the opportunity to insert a song, I reckon...) Helen would have been 69 or 70 today ( I think... I'm not good with these things). I must remember to ring her daughter, Ally, and husband tonight. Len has been struggling of late. He's very upset about mum. I think that they will do it tough today.........

Maybe she will come home after they finish celebrating today, hey?????? It must be some party, with all those women. It used to be a very noisy kitchen table at my Nan's when I was little.

Good news for Terry, the electrified-but-not-fried farmer. He was allowed to go home last night. But I think he will be on a go-slow for a wee while. And life in their household may change a bit, I think. More play and less work, perhaps.

It's a bit like that for Beloved this week, except that there's no play involved, just no work. You see, he messaged me at work lunchtime yesterday to pick him up from the doctors. A surprise not to be taken lightly..... So off I went, expecting to drop him into the A & E department at the hospital, then go back to work while they worked their magic; I assumed he'd had a bit of an accident at work.


No....... he'd had a coughing fit while driving his crane along the highway, nearly ran into a bridge, and had to be picked up and taken into the docs while his crane was retrieved. WHAT THE????
Oh, and the doctors think that he may have Whooping Cough.............

So I didn't go back to work, and I had to be cleared before I could. Fortunately, I had been vaccinated in 2006, so all's fine. But it meant that they were 1 short for the afternoon run...... And I will have to go in early today to make-up the time.

So Beloved is home for a least a week, and he really isn't well. We should find out for sure on Monday if he really does have Whooping Cough. And if he has, then everyone that he has been in contact with in the last 2 weeks will have to be vaccinated............

I'd better get off to work. See you later. xoxoxoxoxo

Yep, I if I could just lay here and just forget the world...........


Anonymous said...

wow, what a roller coaster ride...I guess sometimes you just need to watch it all go past and wonder why..Lucky

Lisa said...

she is so determined isn't she?

and poor Darren, life is certainly dishing it up for you dear Cyndy.

i always believe when a situation is extremely difficult such as your mum at the moment, the universe will go to great lengths to divert our attention away from the 'plan'- such is the case with you and Darren's illness now. Your energy is being diverted, but i don't know why.

keep blogging and let us know what is happening.
you're in my heart and my thoughts


Kathleen said...


Thinking of you too : )

Lisa said...

thinking, sending love
bloody mothers !