Monday, March 10, 2008

And here is the news........

No extensive platitudes, just a straight-up update of the Blogmuggle life.

  • The docs have decided that Beloved does not have whooping cough, but a virus that is being treated with antibiotics anyway..... (does anyone else other than me see a flaw in this????). If his cough persists, then they will do a blood test to check for whooping cough in a month..... surely, if it is whooping cough, then a simple blood test done NOW will confirm this. Why wait a month? He is feeling better, but is rather flat and tires very easily. He intends to go back to work on Thursday as we need money in a hurry because
  • Scorpaboy has been chosen to represent Australia in the Oceanic Mototrials Challenge against New Zealand in Queensland at Easter......... Go my boy!
  • Sizzled-but-not-fried Farmer Terry is on the mend with a few cardiac issues, but considers a few burned patches and loss of his big toe to be a fair trade-off for his continued existence.
  • The building work has really started on the addition. Today 52 holes were dug and filled in preparation for the construction of piers....... I have waited such a long time for this to happen, and now I am just not ready. I haven't decided upon my kitchen layout, and none of the other PC's have been chosen either........ not to mention the paintwork and such that needs to be done before windows are installed, bathroom vanities created out of old sideboards, and the such like....... pedal faster, Muggle, pedal faster..... you've had plenty of time to sort all this out.......
  • GG finally has had her braces removed today, after almost 3 and a half years.... I can't wait to see her winning smile ;0)
  • Mum. I've left the best until last. Not that there is any good news. It's just that that she's the best. On Friday night, Mum had 40cm of failing bowel removed and a colostomy bag installed, which may or may not be temporary. She will not be happy about this. It really doesn't matter; her bowel would have perforated and she would be enduring a slow and awful demise. Mum and I discussed a lot lot of scenarios prior to her operation; this was not one of them, but still....... I really want things to go the way that she would want them to. But I think that we crossed a line on Friday night that we didn't even realise was there.
She still remains in an unconscious state. Why?? No-one knows. Her sedation is minimal, and she should be a lot more responsive than she is. And I use the word "responsive" in a very guarded manner. She is still breathing on her own, but with the tubes in place to help her when she needs it.
Tomorrow, she will have a Tracheostomy so that the tubes can be removed from her throat. Her movements consist mainly of sideways head movements, so the tubes are causing some trauma to her throat, so in an attempt to preserve her airway in the view that she will wake up, the trachi-tube will provide easier access, preserve her airway, and allow potential communication when she is conscious. It is also felt that she may be less-stressed with no tubes in and around her. She is, however, still fed via a naso-gastric tube.
I threw a bit of a spanner in the works this afternoon when I requested that a brain scan was done before another "life-saving" hole was inserted into mum. Over a week ago, it was mentioned in passing that maybe a brain scan might be a good idea, but it didn't happen. I just don't think that Mum should be subjected to anything else if it won't help her. And ultimately, if her brain function has been impaired, then it is Mum's wish that no grand gestures or procedures are done to preserve her in a state that is less than the condition that she was able to maintain before she went into hospital. She was very aware of the fact that she would be in for a rough time before she became better, but was very clear in her desire to be able to maintain her independence and full life. In fact, she was looking forward to being able to do more than she was able to do before. So, I asked my brother to relay my request (it was very hard for him) and he was told that they were thinking that they might do one anyway.......
So, Mum has a busy day tomorrow..... Scan in the morning, and a Tracheostomy in the afternoon. What more could a girl ask for? .......

Enough for tonight. I have been at war with a migraine that is being kept at bay by 'Codapane', and it is time for bed.

After I hang out another load of washing, that is.

Goodnight all. And please don't forget to give generously to anyone that is donating locks and/or colouring their hair in an attempt to fun raise for "The World's Greatest Shave" this week!

Byeeee xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Myst_72 said...

Doctors just piss me off at the moment - for lack of a better way of wording it.

Is this your GP or someone at the hospital (looking after hubby). If it's not your GP, would your GP do the test for you, just to be sure? I agree, why wait.

Mum sounds like she wants to do it "her way" - I hope she improves soon. Maybe she's trying to say 'let me rest o.k.' while her body heals itself.

Thinking of you,


Kristy-Lee said...

She is so busy your mum! Busy making sure you are all as confused as possible.

I really do hope it all smooths out with her. Either way, she is making sure things are going her way.


Lisa said...

in our other life, you and i are lying on a beach, sipping cocktails with denzel washington and russell crowe, who want to nuzzle us bad and i for one am open to that.

it all sounds shitty cyndy and farking unfair- i think the brain scan will answer alot of questions.........

now, back to our other life.........................can you pass the sunblock ?

Cyndy said...

In a minute, Lis...... Me and Denzel are a bit busy at the moment...... mmmmmmmmm