Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you leave me, can I come too?

Hi Guys.

It's a wet and windy night up here. Great for blogging, eating, facebooking, eating, drinking, eating and, eventually, snuggling up in bed with Beloved.

I'm not sure if I'm coming to Newcastle tomorrow.

My car is a bit off, so Beloved has bits (coils) that he is going to have tested tomorrow. We've checked out a number of other possibilities, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

VBoy is a bit off-colour this evening as well. He has had a headache all day & looks quite rheumy around the eyes. He also has some tummy tenderness that bothers me more than anything. He is quite flat & not himself. I'd rather not leave him at home on his own tomorrow. If the car was ok, I'd just bring him with me, but if I come, I'll be catching a train at 6am. He's not up to that.


I guess I'll make a decision about 4.30am.

GG says that she can manage the specialist without me. But she needs my money. I would like to make sure that she is adequately treated as well, which hasn't necessarily been the case up to now.

Sboy and Jack F are performing at the Caravan & Camping Show at Maitland this weekend, so I hope that the weather improves for them. We are hoping to travel down after Vboy's rugby league game on Saturday, spend the night with Poppy Ken, then take Nanny Val to watch the shows on Sunday. Weather permitting, of course.

I have been looking forward to this, as I've never seen my Jack perform a show before.

I finally finished painting the architrave around the pantry door today: big news, hey?
Thank goodness: that's one less to be done.

I tried to post a couple of pics of the boys on here, but, as usual, Blogger found my technical abilities wanting....... I got them on here, but then couldn't move them or cut/copy and paste without everything highlighting itself then deleting..... such are my skills....

Never mind. See you all later ;0)


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