Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost in love & I don't know much; I was thinking aloud & I fell out of touch......

God, how I love 70's & 80's song lyrics....

You know what?

My last post was quite a bit longer than was published.

I took us on a rambling walk through the the 80's weekend. A social commentary on the lost art of "the weekend".

Then I cut & pasted in the song article.

And my ramble was lost.

I didn't realise until after it was published.

And I'm too tired to write it again.

Now I am sad.

But never mind.

You get 2 posts in half an hour this morning.

Maybe the universe was telling me something. (Not just that I am techo/computer dumb...)

Working, working, working.......

I'm having at leat 2 weeks off in April/May........ I need a holiday.

Whinge, whinge, moan, moan......

Have a good weekend. ;0)


Natalie said...

Yes, you do need a break! Enjoy your weekend too, love.

Btw I LOVE Loverboy and Air Supply!

I'm sad too, now!

Maybe another time.xx

Cyndy said...

Yep. Sometimes I think we are just looking for someone to shed some tears with........

One day in May, we girls will get together for a coffee..... It's been a long time between drinks for me.

Maybe coffe & karaoke..... 80's Singstar....

Now THERE's a thought....

Jen said...

Now you have that song stuck in my head and it wont get out!!! lol

I have an award for you at my blog


Michelle said...

Its not lost...we just cant see it...try changing the font colour..i can see a ghost of a post :0)

I have one for you award I mean