Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Put your hands together, all together, for the world's greatest mum......

It's official.

I Am The World's Greatest Mum!

Because I travelled to Sydney last Friday and took Vegeboy to see The WWE World Wrestling Championship at the Acer Arena.

Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Mr Kennedy, Snitskey, William Regal, Umanga, Randy Orton et al.......

Vegeboy said that he had the best night of his life!


I am The World's Greatest Mum.

As were all of the other Great Mums that were there!


My visit to the orthopedic surgeon on Friday revealed that I have ostoearthritis in both knees.


Lose 10kilos, get some orthotics for my shoes, pay multiple visits to the physiotherapist (the private sports-physio; not the free hospital physio.....) do way more exercise and take high dosed of ($120 per bottle) glucosamine tablets and I should be right.


Oh, and have an MRI on the dodgy left knee and back to the surgeon tomorrow.....


More travelling.


I had the EN interview yesterday. It went well, but I won't know if it went well enough until December. So it's life as normal until then.

I have worked 2 days this week....... then I will again on Friday. But I will work all of next week.

Oh my... How will I survive it?????????????????

Anyway, I've got to finish cooking tea, then drive down to Nanandpop's as I have to be in Cardiff at 7am for the MRI.

See you all later.

Love, Bloggie.



Rider-Waite said...

Yes, you are a good mum. WORD.

Rylah xXx =^..^= xXx said...

Cool... I think. Wrestling?

Hmmm, you must be around the corner somewhere... nanandpop are at Jewells, yes?

I shall shout "Hello Cyndy!!!" at the top of my voice from my front verandah!

Or, maybe not...

Good luck with the scan. :)


Anchell said...

Well of course....

poody said...

Ouch! I am sorry about the knees. I too suffer from severe arthritis in both of my knees. The surgeon says I am too young for replacement s but that within the next 2 years I will need them anyways. I have been trying to lose the weight too. I am lo carbing it and it is working out ok. I just have a mobility deficit. Walking is intermediate exercise for me. I do best swimming. I used to have a BF who loved wrestling which means in turn I loved wrestling too. hey, what's not to like, buff men in leather panties bring it on! I just always laugh when they do those "gay" moves where the one man's head is all up in the other man's crotch! NASTY!I loved THE ROCK!! And Stone Cold Steve Austin!

poody said...

the movie is Across the Universe It is a musical with Beatles songs too cool !