Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Time... Or is it?.........

The following lyrics are the famous campaign song from the 1972 Australian Government Elections, used by the Australian Labour Party, led by the inimitable Gough Whitlam. It was the most famous political slogan in Australian political history; what an amazingly successful campaign it was, ending the reign of the Coalition government after 23years.

It's Time

It’s time for freedom,
It’s time for moving, It’s time to begin,
Yes It’s time It’s time Australia,
It’s time for moving, It’s time for proving,
Yes It’s time

It’s time for all folk,
It’s time for moving, It’s time to give,
Yes It’s time

It’s time for children,
It’s time to show them, Time to look ahead,
Yes It’s time

Time for freedom,
Time for moving, Time to be clear,
Yes It’s time

Time Australia,
Time for moving, It’s time for proving,
Yes It’s time

Time for better,
Come together, It’s time to move,
Yes It’s time

Time to stand up,
Time to shout it, Time, Time, Time,
Yes It’s time

Time to move on,
Time to stand up, time to say ‘yes’,
Yes It’s time

I remember this election campaign clearly, and the song seems to have burned itself into my memory. I remember thinking, with all the clarity of a 10yrold, that there was no way the the old & not-so-attractive William McMahon could ever beat the incredibly charismatic and rivetting Edward Gough Whitlam. And I grew up in a staunchly Liberal-voting household.

Poor Billy Big-Ears wasn't even popular within his own party, and didn't marry until he was 57. And yes girls, this man is a primary contributor of DNA for screen hunk, Julian McMahon. Thanks to Gough's overwhelming presence and anti-Vietnam sentiment, Billy's tenure as prime minister was a short 1yr, 8months & 25days. But he does have the notoriety of being only the third prime minister to have added to his family during his time of residing in "The Lodge"

So, judging by the results of yesterday's elections, Australia has decided that it "Must be Time" again.

I hope that they're right.


Rider-Waite said...

Woooo, nice new blog page!!! I thought you were a retard with computers???

I think we are right royally screwed with Kevin Rudd. Just my opinion tho, and you never know, he might be good. But I doubt it.

Cyndy said...

I am a tard when it comes to computers, Toni. But how else do you spend a Sunday in between loads of washing, running kids around, and cleaning: and I do mean ALL of Sunday.
I'm quite chuffed with myself, though.GG usually helps me with these things.

Anchell said...

clever girl...

Cyndy said...

One day, when I find one that I actually like, I may even put a photo on.......

Rider-Waite said...

I spent my sunday running around after feral kids at a 8 yr olds birthday party.

And now you should see the mess I have to clean up.


Kelly Munce Photography said...

hey cyndy.. GREAT blog.. bookmarked...!!
thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog too.. you rock..!!