Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life's Unfinished...............................

Hey there Bloggers!!!!

Thank you, thank you. thank you!

All is well with Poppy Don!!!

The tough old bugger had surgery yesterday, and it went well. He was much more settled within himself, and we spent the day with him yesterday until he went to theatre. He was tired, and a little groggy last night, but cheerful.

His problem hasn't been ultimately fixed, but life will be more comfortable for the time being.

So thank you all again for your thoughts and wishes. I'm sure that it helped.

I'll blog more later.


Bloggie xoxoxoxo



Kristy-Lee said...


Rider-Waite said...


Was thinking good thoughts all day yesterday for you.


LUCKY said...

How about that old bugger!
They made them tough in the old days.Great news!

Anchell said...

When is later?

How'd the interview go???

Whats going on in muggles world????

I am a multicoloured lunatic with no input.....aaargghhhh