Monday, January 15, 2007

Like a bridge over troubled water......

Good evening Bloggers.

Thank you to my friends who certainly eased my mind.

As usual, this evening things don't seem quite as ......grey, sad or whatever they have been over the last couple of days. Nothing much has changed really, except that my very clever Beloved has fixed the DVD/CD stereo and the vacuum cleaner head that was broken..I hadn't mentioned that had I? Now I've got no excuse for the collection of dust bunnies and others that enjoy the freedom of my home......

I also contacted GG's orthodontist with a view to a complete account and letter of continuation of treatment so that I can hopefully receive the $500 that I was told by a Medibank Private consultant that I was entitled to in 2007. I hadn't mentioned to you that a different consultant told me last week that I wasn't entitled to anymore..unless I could provide some documentation, .....Maybe.... that little disclosure saw me having a quiet little cry in the ladies room at Charley Square last week..... We have only been rebated just over $1200 out of GG's $6200 orthodontic treatment. Every consultant has given me different advice........just another nail in the tyre of life.....

Thank you for your positive comments and thoughts. I needed to change my template; I just didn't feel "pink".....Picadilly can have it for herself now; I think it suits her better.....

Jacqui suggested that I take a positive approach;

Today I am thankful for;
  • The fact that GG's minor bingle left no-one injured
  • BoyfriendPat's (hereafter he will be referred to as "Tricky" because this boy is deep on so many levels, but he is good to my girl) honesty when I was talking to him about the same incident today
  • My boys really are quite pleasant
  • Everyone enjoyed their dinner tonight
  • The cats and the dog are getting along better

I'm sure there will be more good things in store tomorrow.

Love to you all; you DID do something to make you happy today, didn't you???

The Blogmuggle :)))))


Amorah said...

Without the grey how can we appreciate the colours? Sending love & hugs and giggles to fill your home and your heart. Karen xxx

Bee said...

I did somthing today that made me happy i read everyones comment on my blog,and just wanted to say love to,xxxxxxx

Jacqui said...

Excellent! Well done! I'm glad you're feeling better sweety. J xXx

rainbowspirit said...

Hmmm another one going through the speedhumps of life.

I think if we can just keep our heads above water then all will be ok.

Take care, things can only look up from here.

Luv Jen

Flyer said...

Sink or swim.
Sink or swim.
Sink or swim.

Shergar said...

Guys are swimming, guys are sailing,
playing baseball, gee thats better:
mother father kindly disregard this letter!

Lisa said...

braces-plurgh....retainers-plurgh-health funds-double plurgh-
i cry at charley square too...
we are all getting better, all the time....blessed be