Saturday, January 20, 2007


It's Saturday again, Bloggers.

I've nothing of any real interest to report. GG's life has been full of "Who's in and who's not" in regard to uni; about 20 of her classmates have been offered places; not all will accept them. There are also quite a few others from other schools that she knows that will be attending Newcastle Uni as well, so she definitely won't be alone or lonely.

Holy cow, it's hot, and I just turn into a big soggy mass in this type of weather. I know I'm not alone.

It will be even more quiet than usual on my blog front for the next week or so, as we will be on "Holidays" to work on the ellyflat. Feb 13, GG's starting, date, is disquietingly close, and there's only one more week until the boys return to school! These holidays have just flown!!!

Anyway Bloggers, I'll sign off now, and I'll catch up with all your postings when I come home. As big Sam advices, we should throw a lamb cutlet on the BBQ this Australia Day! Whatever celebration takes your fancy, enjoy yourselves!

Gyprock-dusted hugs and painty kisses
The Blogmuggle ;) oxo



Bee said...

yes it is to hot im melting to,hear from you soon xxx

renata said...

You would be very hot in your litle place...

Jacqui said...

Hope you had a good aussie day! Come back!