Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's new pussycat?

This is the lovely Nanny Val, with her daughter, Susan and Susan's daughter, Sophie.

This photo was taken an hour or so after we scattered Poppy Don's ashes on the water on the beach at Tuncurry last April.
Isn't she a beautiful soul, Our Nanny Val?

Unfortunately, Nanny Val is laid up in hospital at the moment with IV antibiotics on board to clear up a nasty infection in her leg. Susan is the only offspring that resides in Newcastle these days, and so bears the weight of being there for Nanny Val when things take the path of the more winding road. And she does it fabulously. We wish that we could be there to offer more support. But we can't always have what we want.

Big kudos to you, Sue. Thank you. <3

The culprit of the aforementioned infection is pictured below. It's not the real culprit, mind you, but a fair representation of Bindi, Nanny Val's lovely Ragdoll cat. Bindi is only a young cat, and has a habit of hiding beind the furniture (her jungle), then jumping out & swatting her prey (Nanny Val) with her mighty paw . Previously, this has resulted in scratches that have required oral antibiotics, but, unfortunately, not this time. Bindi is wonderful company for Nanny Val, keeping her lap warm, as well as providing extra-furry insulation for the furniture (and anything else she comes into contact with).

She is sooo handsome. And soft. Softer than any tissues that you might hear about on TV. She is so lovely......

Hopefully, the two will be re-united at the weekend.

And hopefully, we'll be down to see them.

BTW: If anybody knows how to generate a lotto win, please let me know. I've found a gorgeous house at Speers Point that I'd like to buy..............

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Natalie said...

Get better Nanny Val! Re: the house...ME TOO!