Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You are not alone, For I am here with you, Though you're far away, I am here to stay.........

Hi Bloggers!

I know it's been weeks.... but just look at the words of Michael Jackson up above..........

Actually, I am pretty sure that most of you won't even bother reading my blog any more as I post so infrequently these days. And I don't blame you one little bit...........

What's been happening in the world of the Blomuggle?


Work. And lots of it. In different places, and differing shift patterns.

GG has moved house (with the help of her mother & uncle) just on 2 weeks ago, now. Her new residence is somewhat scarier than the old one. She shares with somewhere between 6 & 8 uni-style students (depending upon who's visiting) in a very... ummm .... interesting "rooms- above -the -shops" with a downstairs laundry, no yard/clothesline/balcony, 1 bathroom, 5 or 6 bedrooms with a common living area. Her room is small & internalised, with no real ventilation unless she opens the door.... but it's cheaper, and so far, she loves it. If you've ever watched the 80's TV show, "The Young Ones", starring Nigel Planer, Ade Edmonson & Ric Mayall, then you will have an idea of what the place is like....... It's also one of the reasons that she loves it so much... There's quite an assortment of young, ecclectic people there...... She is also recovering from a bout of H1N1 flu that she contracted the same time. She came home for a few days to get over it....... But I hardly saw her because of my work committments.

Sboy has been around Newcastle for a week or so, but I haven't seen him either. His boss has been working in New Caledonia without him, so SBoy made the most of the opportunity to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones.......

Vboy's football team, the Muswellbrook Rams, has performed a minor miracle. After being beaten very soundly by Greta-Branxton twice in the last 3 games, the boys managed to rip the game out from under the G-B Colts in the dying minutes last Saturday. This eliminates G-B and means that we will face Swansea at Charlestown this Saturday to play for a position against Central Charlestown in the Grand Final....... I'm not sure that my delicate constitution can survive another event like last Saturdays........ Mother Mary McKillop may get her sainthood yet.

Beloved is excited that his tax refund has arrived in the bank, as am I....... Mind you, I don't know where to spend it first...... But I payed for the caravan that we have hired for the week of the Aussie Mototrials Championships at the end of the month. This year, it's being held at our home club, Pacific Park, on the Hawkesbury River at South Maroota, near Windsor. Beloved is looking forward to it, & I have had to re-arrange my shifts to accomodate his week-long absence, as well as act as chauffeur, as we only have 1 car these days. He has been riding his newly registered (old) motorbike to work. Lucky for him, it hasn't really been much of a winter.

Vboy & I went to his school's final performance of "Footloose, the musical" : it was so much fun. What may have been lacking a bit in "musicality" was more than made up for in enthusiasm.... We saw"GI JOE" at the movies on Saturday on the way home from the football. It was entertaining, but not to be taken seriously at all. The local catholic high has it's musical on this weekend, but I don't think that we'll make it.... Bugger!

I've not got much else to say really...... thank goodness, says you ........... life just keeps on going.... thank goodness....... I don't play games on Facebook anymore, & I'm flat out just trying to keep up with blogs & Facebook updates..... If I don't leave a comment, please don't take it personally: I'm still here.... and there.... and there...... then there.......

As the good man, Micheal Joseph Jackson, sang:

You are not alone,
For I am here with you.
Though you're far away,
I am here to stay.
For you are not alone,
For I am here with you,
Though we're far apart,

You're always in my heart.

For you are not alone........

Cheers Everyone.

Love, Blogmuggle xoxoxoxoxoxoxonnnnnnnnnn


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I'll still read Cyndy, regardless of how frequently you post :)


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I still read as well Cyndy..I am just hopeless at commenting. I come every day to check :)