Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where, oh where....... has my little dog gone?

I had the unfortunate task of making this poster up today.


Clover is a 4 yr old Boxer that most likely followed some kids home from the main street on Sunday. She is very friendly, but is unsure around men. She is small for a boxer, de-sexed, registered & micro-chipped.

Please contact us if you have seen her: we are missing her :0(

Thank you, from the Kavanagh family from Macauley Street.

I had a lot of trouble finding photos of our girl, even though I know that there are oodles. But you know where I found some? In "Blogmuggling...."

I knew that there is a reason that I blog.......

Have a good day ;0)


Natalie said...

Oh, Cyndy! Best of luck, such a beautiful girl. I LOVE Boxers. Dogs, not the undies.
Love to you.xx♥

Kristy said...

Oh no! Good luck Cyndy!

Poor little pooch.

Kathleen said...

Oh no! My heart goes out to you and your family ... having furry kids of my own, I feel guttered (and angry) every time one of them disappears up the street!

I hope that you hear some news soon xxxx

Lisa said...

oh no- let us know when she shows up- SHE WILL xx

jewell said...

i hope you find her...she looks so sweet

Michelle said...

Have you rang the vets and the rspca???

Of course you have...

Damn it


Myst_72 said...

Oh Cyndy,

I hope she is back with you soon,


Rob-bear said...

Haven't you read Clover that A.A. Milne poem with the lines:

"You must'nt go down to the end of town
If you don't go down with me?"

Anyhow; glad you've got her back! Ace!