Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still here in this quiet room, deep in delusion sending me over.........

I've been up a few hours after deciding to get out of bed with Beloved at 0530 this morning.

I desperately needed a hot cup of tea to soothe the burning in my throat. I've had a bit of a bug this week, with 2 days spent upon my lounge, basically dying. It seems to be a re-occurring thing that I've had 3 times since last June. It's a stupid headache-sore-throat-can't-stay-awake-thing that I've decided is a low grade infection in the sinuses and nasopharyngeal area. Apart from the 3 near-death-occassions (yes, I am being over dramatic here...), I have had sore-throats & sinus issues on & off that I've been treating with nasal washes, hot lemon/honey drinks & paracetamol as needed. But I'm getting rid of the little sucker this time with a double course of antibiotics..... DIE BUGS, DIE! Wonders of wonders, I was able to secure a doctors appointment on the same day as I rang....

Anyway, since I was up so early, I've treated myself to an uninterrupted viewing of 'rr.r.r.r.r.rage' on the ABC.... I love music......


But there was still quite a few highlights for me;
  • Beyonce, Halo: Lovely song, but the surprise was the girl herself, totally devoid of make-up, looking so young & fresh. No overt sexuality to be seen.
  • Lily Allen, The Fear: You got to love the clever lyrics in this song. A very ascerbic observation of society..
"Life’s about film stars and less about mothers
It’s all about fast cars concussing each other
But it doesn’t matter cause I’m packing plastic
and that’s what makes my life so fucking fantastic"

It's worth reading the rest of the lyrics........ And she wears the same dress throughout the clip.
  • The Ting Tings, We Walk: Another clever film clip. Take responsibility for your own happiness:
"You see the changes in things that come
It's how you deal with it when switching off
Make a decision, a precondition
We've got the choice if it all goes wrong, We walk, We walk (if it all goes wrong)
Where nothing makes you feel good... We've got the choice if it all goes wrong
We walk"
  • Ladyhawke, My Delerium: Love the whole beat of this one.
  • Kate Miller-Heidke, Caught in the Crowd: She's special, this one. Unique to be sure. A lovely song of apology to a boy she went to school with. A good, simple clip.
  • The Howling Bells, Into the Chaos...
  • Kings Of Leon, Sex on Fire: Voices to melt your knickers, reminiscent of Jon Stevens & Noiseworks in the late 80's. Of course, nothing can cause knickers to spontaneously combust the way that Micheal Hutchence could... and one, night, at the Bel Air Hotel in Kotara, Michael Hutchence's sweat dripped on me..... I was 10cm right in front of him, just the cool, slim metal of the mike stand between us.... the man was RAW, even as a teenager..... Oh, sorry.. Where was I? ... Oh yes: Sex on Fire;
"Hot as a fever, rattlin' bones, I could just taste it, just taste taste it.... if it's not forever, if it's just tonight, Oh, it's still the greatest, the greatest, the greatest. You, your sex is on fire... consumed with what's to transpire....."

Beloved's song to me... hehehehehehe
  • Fallout Boy, America's Sweethearts: A clip that's pure theatre.
  • Short Stack, Princess: The song's ok, but it's the hairstylist need a round of applause....
  • Empire of the Sun, We are the People: I just love the harmonies & melodies..there seems to be a heart-felt need to reach the audience. And anyone that can dress up & wear make-up like that & still look good deserves kudos. Or maybe they're just hiding......
  • Josh Pyke, The Summer: Who else could fit some many words into one line of lyrics while painting such a beautiful story?
  • British India, God is Dead (Meet the Kids): A really bald, effective clip that I couldn't take my eyes off. It matches the lyrics: I love the song.
  • Fever Ray, When I Grow Up: Raw, tribal, yet not...
  • The Presets, If I Know You: This is different for the Presets, but I just love that solid back-beat, & the Voice....... it probably reminds me of the Romantic 80's...... Their live performances viewed on the tv seem
  • Lupe Fiasco, featuring Matthew Santos, Superstar: I surprised myself with this one. I don't like rap, but when he actually sings, he sings.....
And last, but not least..........
  • Sherbet, You've got the Gun: C'mon... it may not be their best, but it's SHERBET!!!!!
Ok. I've bored you enough.

Have a good weekend! ;0)


Natalie said...

wow! This has taken 12 hours to get on my dashboard!!!!
Yes to infection of all our throats and sinuses thingo.....F@#%K
No sleep here.
Yes to music, yes to Lily Allen, Yes to sex on fire ,at pubs, in sweat etc
I hear you, Cyndy Meldrum.
But the piece du resistance ~ you've got the gun...OMG!
Daryl has his name on my left bra cup...nernerninerner!!!!!!xxxxx♥

Cyndy, I really get you with the music thing. YAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"low grade infection in the sinuses and nasopharyngeal area" ?

You are SO a nurse.... :)

Hope you feel better soon Cyndy

Anonymous said...

Love your choice of songs...Lilly Allens new one is brilliant - when you get beyond the fact that it is a pop song and really listen to the lyrics they are amazing...I also love empire of the sun - it is a crazy clip but I cannot stop watching it.Thank you for your comments on my art! w.w.

Anonymous said...

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