Friday, January 09, 2009

This ain't a scene; it's a goddam arms race (lyrics that are in Sboy's head right now....)



Beloved & kids went to Sydney to pick him up yesterday. He is a happy, but thinner little camper. Unbelievably, he has stripped 6kg off his already lean frame: he's now 59kg! He bought back gifts for us all. I have a lovely Balinese dragon. He remains un-named thus far. Poor Sboy was concerned as he managed to break 2 of the wooden dragon's toes in transit. As Beloved pointed out, he just matches my other rather battle-scarred ones.......

This morning I take SBoy back to Sydney so that he can be picked up to go to Mulwala (near the NSW/Vic border) to ride at the show this weekend. Then he's going up straight up to the Gold Coast until the end of the month, he thinks.

I have Saturday off, then back to work on Sunday.


As the sand flows through the hourglass, these are the days of my life......


Jen said...

wow - what a jet setter he is!!!

i have a dragon with two toes broken off too. so it must be good luck :)

Natalie said...

Nice to have him home for a bit, I bet.

As my little fella would say: You bewwy busy yadie! xx