Sunday, January 04, 2009


Good Morning Bloggers!

Sunday morning @ 8.09am and here I am.

Not too much earlier, Beloved had risen for work, & before I had even opened my eyes, there was a familiar thud, stab, twist, thud at the back of my head. I should have gotten up & taken some pills then, but I thought no, no, I'll just lie here in bed, & it will go away.

Wrong response. (Can't you just hear that buzzer from "Sale of the Century"; noll-noll...)

As I pondered my approach to the day in that half-awake, half asleep state, with a good bit of painful indecision inside my head, the phone started to ring..... at the farthest point away from me in the house. In my haste to answer it, I caught my dressing gown on the pedestal fan and it would not let go. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, it let go so I could run to the phone, with my gown flapping about me (not a pretty picture to paint, so I'll leave out the details...) I picked it up just after "the man" had informed the caller with his nasal, annoyingly whiny twang that; "No-one is available to take your call at the moment. Please leave...".. well yes they are, they are just trying to avoid answering the phone infragrant delecto...... bloody phone, telling me who I can & can't talk to... organising my life.......
A surprised "Hello Bub: I was just going to leave you a message....." greeted me on the other end of the line. Dad. "Happy Birthday"....... Thanks Dad. Small talk ensued while I filled up & turned on the kettle.... "God I need a cup of tea.." Very small talk, really, as I had only spoken to him yesterday afternoon. He enquired after GG, asked what shifts I was on this week, I asked him how he was going to spend his day..... he's not too well in the tummy & has a cough, & can't sleep lying down (this may be related to his medication, I feel). Neither are new complaints, but both wear him down. He is very tired. If he's not on the move, he falls asleep in the chair.......
He asked how I was going to spend my day. Well, Beloved's octagenarian aunty, who is very pleasantly demented, is having a surprise birthday party at Bolwarra: Surprise: the kids & I are going down for it...... At 40kilos, Aunty Del is diminishing, & may well disappear on us before another birthday comes around. She has always been the size of as wren, but has lost the strong edge about her of late. Her frailty was more apparent at Beloved's dying father's bedside & funeral. She loves to tell stories, as is typical of someone with her generalised dementia. She couldn't tell anyone what she ate for breakfast, but the newsreels of her life from over 60yrs ago in her mind are fresh & bright.

The conversation wound up as I made my cup of tea & decided that a celebratory bowl of "Rice Pops" was in order. I had to coat my stomach with something before I assaulted it with ibuprofen, codiene & pantoprazole (no brand names here; I refuse to advertise or use product placement).
I then fired up the computer in anticipation of this tome, sat down, and my mother-in-law phoned; "Did she tell me Melbourne or Westbourne Street last night....". A short converstion later, I managed to actually ingest the afore-mentioned drugs...... Hurry up & work already!!! Nanny Val is slowly re-building her life without Poppy Don. She has a big day today. She & PoppyD moved into an over 55's community a couple of years ago. Actually, they are all way over 55 & most of them are widows, so she's got plenty of company, & they've all flocked around her. This morning, they're all getting together in the community centre for breakfast, then NannyV is driving herself up to Bolwarra. I'm pretty sure that it is her first trip outside the city. She hasn't driven anywhere much at all over the past few years as PoppyD was usually the driver when they were together, & they really didn't go anywhere separately often. Just turning up on her own at a family function is a new thing for her. That's why we're going. I plan to be there before she is so that she doesn't have to walk through the door on her own.

It's now 9.30. There's been more phone calls, another cup of tea. I rarely sit down & compose a post un-interrupted or in its entirety. I will have to get VBoy out of bed soon if we are to leave on time.

But before I go..........


Lovely Lisa brought the topic up the other day. How we search & search, & try so hard to be happy. I think I saw a definition or version of happiness the other day. It certainly put a smile on my face.
On my drive to work, I pass through a lot of rural landscapes. A number of things make me smile on this drive, even at 6am or on the way home (it's not just the fact that work is over for the day...) The sunrise, the mist, birds, foals, lambs, calves all cavorting in the paddocks, the moonlight over the landscape: they all make me smile & go "oohh". The big one this week was a cattle dog who had obviously finished his work for the day. The farmer had an irrigator going in a paddock by the roadside, one of the big ones that puts out a continous stream of water, that has a repetitive break in the stream so that it goes "Ch, ch, ch," very rhythmically & the stream of water is broken & goes further. It wasn't turned on very fast, and here was this cattle dog, having the time of his life jumping up 6 feet in the air and biting the stream of water & getting wet & cool in the process, over & over again. I laughed out loud in the airconditioned confines of my car at the sight of this happy dog. The next afternoon, the irrigator had been moved to a different spot in the paddock, and was turned up full pelt.
And there was the dog, doing the same thing, except this time, in order to reach the spray, he had to run, jump up onto the legs, then arm of the irrigator & launch himself into the stream, performing a 180 degree turn before hitting the ground running to do it all over again. He must have been reaching over 12 feet in the air........

He was definitely working for his happiness.
But what he did to get it was simple, & his goals attainable. When the goalpost was shifted, he changed his approach & the way he achieved it.
And he kept on trying.
And when he got his reward, he enjoyed it.
And repeated it & took time to really enjoy it, unlike we humans who tend to think that we can't remain happy for long & have to look for something else.

I was laughing out loud again at the simplistic fun that the dog was having. And amazed at his actions as well.

A ramble, yes?

We should all be able to feel the incredible lightness of being that happiness brings.

Unfortunately, we are way to complex to find it in a sprinkler. Mind you, we did as children.......

Dogs are good at being happy, aren't they? Clover takes herself off for a run around & around (& around) the house like a real loon sometimes, with real purpose, and when she's finished, she pounces onto the verandah with a triumphant air of accomplishment, absolutely brimming with viviacity, with a smile that starts above her ears....

The incredible lightness of happiness.

Bring it on.

Only problem is .......where is there a sprinkler.......?

Have a good day, everyone.

With love from the Blogmuggle ;0)


Lisa said...

the dog story and its inherent truth has made me smile, and considering my frame of mind, that is no small achievemnt.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COM - cousin of mine........smooches........xxxxxxx

Jen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUGGLE!!! Many happy returns.


Natalie said...

Great story Cyndy, thanks. :D

Happy Birthday to you! xxoo

Myst_72 said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you find some milo bushes to run through in your neck of the woods too! Ha ha!

Have a lovely day,


Anchell said...

Happy Birthday...must be a popular week for birthdays...and yes, the dog made me smile too. It is usually the simple things is it not, that bring us the most satisfaction.

You are a very eloquent lady muggle


Cyndy said...

Yegods! You people are just sooo nice.... me.. eloquent? Very nice indeed.. <3