Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He's so fine......

Hi guys!

No deep & meaningfuls from me today.

My back is on the mend, but by the time I finish my last shift on Saturday, it might be a bit rough. I need to get some Bowen therapy done to sort it out, I think.

I have to go over the road to sew Sboy's suit pants for his formal on Thursday night, this morning. I bought him a "Cheap" suit at Lowes, as the Lowes account is the only spare money at the moment: he picked the most expensive on e in the shop! I promised him that I would run in the legs to make it look a bit more "edgy"....... WHY DID I DO THIS?????? My sewing machine is dead, so need to use Gay's to do this. At least I get to spend an hour or so in the company of this lovely lady ;0)
He's not really that fussed about his formal, & had to be talked into going as he has to drive down to Sydney afterwards. He's going to cut his evening short, as on Friday morning he flies out to Perth to perform freestyle trials at a SummerNat-style weekend, then flies home again on Tuesday. Then next week, he & his mates have a schoolies week at Port Macquarie. What a life he has! There is also talk of him going to Indonesia over the Christmas-New Year period to perform at shows over there. Beloved & I have some reservations about this as a result of the unrest over there. We will see how things pan out.

I'm sure GG thinks that she has missed out, all because she can't ride a motorbike, & I'm wondering if Vboy thinks that all this sets the benchmark for him. All I know is that Sboy seems to have all the pieces fall into place for him. He even has had the local electrician ring him over the last few weeks to ask whether SBoy would like to come & give him a hand....
At least SBoy will get to wear his suit again Thurday week, as he has been invited to an awards night dinner as he has been nominated for Year 12 Retail Student of the Year by Hunter Youth Express! I hope that it doesn't clash with schoolies..... He was a bit excited when he told me yesterday!

Anyway, I'm going to load up the washing machine, & put on the recording of "Supernatural " from last night.

Have a good day!

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Faerie said...

Very Exciting for SBoy!