Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blue skies smiling at me................

It's a beautiful Sunday up here in Wattle Grove.

Miles of blue sky & sunshine.

Beloved has been called in to work.

GG has had a sleepover, & will then go to work.

SB will be going to work.

Vboy has had a friend here since Friday evening, & is busy trying to get in some last minute PS3 skateboard action before SB takes his mate (and the game) back home to Muswellbrook.

I have miles of washing to do. And an essay to write.

All of this is difficult as I have "acute backpain", as diagnosed by Dr Tony on Friday afternoon. It started on Tuesday afternoon, I rested it all day Wednesday, then worked (I use this term very loosely: I am in deep gratitiude to my patients who were quite helpful in doing things for themselves to save my sore back) Thursday & Friday. I have been quoffing 6hrly nurofen plus, with little effect. The doc suggested that I continue this, but take paracetamol as well, rest, don't sit, walk for 5 mins every hour or so, and perform some wee stretches while laying flat on a hard surface............. Well, stuff me if it doesn't feel any better at all. And all the household crap still needs to be done, and I have 6 days straight at work this week....................... At least he bulk-billed me, gave me some free Somac so that the nurofen plus doesn't burn a huge hole in my gut & suggested that I could come back if it doesn't improve.

And it that it may last 3 days to three weeks.


Only 16 days to go.

I think I'll need more Somac.

Got to go, guys. I can't sit here. It's too uncomfortable.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Lisa said...

poor you- spiritually speaking a sore back indicated being burdened with life and over loaded- you need to delgate dearest one of mine !!
Carrying the weight of Wattle grove is too much !!

Myst_72 said...

Sounds awful Cyndy,
ask for some Celebrex!

I hope you feel better soon,
and yes - delegate!


Jewell said...

sororry to hear about your back...sending healing..know only too well what you're going through

Cyndy said...

Gee, it's nice to be loved....*sigh* <3