Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm here with all of my people.......

At least, I was until GG caught the train home this evening.

Back in lovely Walnut Grove, as Lisa calls it. For 7 weeks until the next block of TAFE. We've been told by the head teacher to be afraid; very afraid. OK, I'll wait until then. I've too much to do to worry about it right now.

The lurgy that kept me home from Clinical Placement on Wednesday degenerated into me having had virtually no voice by Thursday night. I can absolutely assure you that it is a concrete fact that participating in Karaoke at the Town Hall Hotel on a Thursday night when one has had a virus will result in this. Everyone thought that I was joking on Friday morning until I continued to I croak my way through the day. The boys at home here think it's a hoot, and keep making me laugh as my voice is so far down in my boots.

What isn't good, is that I'm supposed to start at Scone Hospital tomorrow. I get short of breath very easily, can't be heard and constantly have to repeat myself, and am running rather low on the energy front. And I have the most pathetic, useless cough that is constantly challenging my bladder................ I will go to work, and see what they think. If I'm lucky, I might get the sympathy vote.

For something different, I have attempted to paint Beloved's grandparent's old sideboard in milk paint this weekend. It looks good so far, but it's certainly different stuff to work with: rather labour intensive, and will then need to be sealed (about 3-5 coats..yikes!) as it's going to be used as our bathroom vanity cupboard. We've had a new laminate top made that looks like granite, and it will have 2 sinks in it. The bathroom is all finished except for this and the lights, mirrors and towel rails and stuff, and I'm really happy with the result. Very swish!

Ah well, I get to have a bit of a lie-in in the morning: I don't have to leave until 7.30am...... Other mornings, I will have to be gone by 5.45am..... IT'S STILL DARK THEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Goodnight all xoxoxo

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Faerie said...

I know! (I get up at 4am)

Wishing you a speedy recovery too!