Saturday, December 08, 2007

Motorcycle Mama

There was much excitement in the land of the Blogmuggle yesterday.

It began with a text message; "CODE RED, CODE RED. THE EAGLE HAS LANDED".

This let me know that Scorpaboy's new motorbike had finally arrived. In a large, brown cardboard box. Strapped into the back of the little beige ute.

When it was finally unstrapped, unloaded, undone, and de-bubbled-wrapped, it looked liked this;
TA DA!!!!!

And after all the excitement had died down, we discussed what we were going to do with the cardboard.

***** A light bulb moment on my part; "Let's put it up on the wall behind the bathroom!"******

So. Up on the wall it went, and Beloved put 2 screws in to hold it until I located the drill in the morning to finish fixing it to the wall. Then we decided that the fridge and freezer were too close, and a potential fire risk.

So today, as Beloved and Sboy drove off into the sunrise with the bikes in the trailer for a weekend of mototrials in the Blue Mountains, I re-configured the Muggly-shed to facilitate a safer environment. Which means it got a good cleaning. I've just finished; I started at 6.30am. Multiple loads of washing were done too, then I have to shower and then take Vegeboy and Clover-dog to Nanandpops to celebrate Pop's 71st Birthday!

It looks good anyway.

And last weekend, I decided to put the big Christmas tree up, so there was a minor re-configuration last weekend as well. My lovely big bush has pride of place in between the lounge and sideboard, and there are decorations suspended from the roof. At least there's some bonuses to having no linings...... With only 2 double power points, there's no lights, though. Here's the piccy that Sboys put on his MySpace. Evidently, "tree-shots" are the thing....

Anyway, time to go. Newie awaits!

Have a good one, Everyone!

Cheers, Blogggie ;0)


Cyndy said...

P.S. I still haven't found the drill.........

Kris said...

Woo-HOO! Boys and their toys!

Rider-Waite said...


rainbowspirit said...

Brad wants to know all the details about the bike... you know, boy shit