Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deck the bus with Christmas Decals... falalalala lalalalala

Morning has broken. And it's quiet ... except for the hum of the computer and a tractor mowing a field somewhere nearby. And the birds.

And it's cool.


The boys have trundled off to catch the bus. It's their second last day of school for the year, and luckily for me, they're quite happy to still be going. A lot of kids have already decided that they don't need to go anymore. But at least I can be reasonably sure that they're not off annoying harried and over-Xmas shopkeepers somewhere.

A quick review of my week;

The shopping trip to Westfield at Kotara netted GG some lovely pants, and the promise by mother to buy her the same blouse as the one that she liked, but in a more suitable size at Charlestown on Friday (stupid, stupid mother...) Then yummy dinner at Raj's on the Corner.... It was worth all the traveling just for that.

Saw the Rheumy-doc on Friday; a lovely bloke. We chatted quite a while so that he earned his $300 consult fee. Exercise, physio and Tony Ferguson would all be good. And a bone density scan, more blood and urine tests (are there ever enough of these???). I tell you, we're in the wrong business.. if we ran a pathology diagnostic company, then we'd be sitting pretty.....

And I think that the BMI, as a tool for assessing healthy weight , is the most & limiting thing ever invented....... according to this little chart, I'm on the verge of being obese, but I need only need to lose 10kilos.....

If only I was 6 inches taller.... *sigh*

Then I took Nan and unwell niece shopping at Waratah. It was a Xmas sortee..... and a successful one at that. Then home to Belmont for Nanandniece, and I braved Charlestown Hellmouth.... *hahahaha*... I drove straight into a carspace....... *maniacal hahahahahah*........

Bought the aforementioned blouse for GG (crisp & white, as requested). And a calendar from the Lucky (but tired & over it) Ho. And other things that I can't remember....... "so, this is Christmas....."

Then home, via "The Bakers Cottage" at East Maitland to buy some pies for tea, and yummy breadrolls.

Saturday and Sunday were nice and quiet at home. We had dinner at the local pub on Sunday night with friends who have lived in the caravan park across the road for the past year. They had originally called in for "a couple of days" on the first leg of their "Trekkin' Oz" adventure... such is the charm of our little town... Ahem.

Monday ; usual workday.

Tuesday; the client's Christmas lunch at the Day Centre. One of the top restaurant's in Muswellbrook, Phillipes's, caters for this event every year, free of charge, for the centre. And the food is always beautiful. And their cakes and gateaus are to die for.........

Tuesday night, the community health team went to Phillipe's Restaurant, as my manager, the head of Occupational Therapy, is leaving to move to Gosford, after 14 years with the team. She will be sorely missed...... lots of tears, fond memories, & smiles.

We didn't open the Day Centre on Wednesday. Instead, we had "Night Centre on the Bus". Starting at 6.30pm, we picked the clients up from their homes, and took them to McDonalds for dinner, then drove all over town looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas songs. There was lots of laughter, to be sure. And a busload of somewhat subdued pensioners by 11pm.... The utterances of "Merry Christmas; Safe New Year" became quieter and quieter as each person exited the bus....I arrived home at 12.20am......... zzzzzzzzzz

So it will be a quiet day at work today, with no clients, and the awful job of packing up the Christmas decorations, as we will be closed from Friday until January 14. We've got to de-decorate, and Christmas hasn't even arrived yet!!!!! But there is light in the day in the shape of birthday cakes for my workmates, Sue and Megan.... from the aforementioned Phillipe's ... mmmmmmmmm

And then tomorrow, it's off to East Maitland Bowling Club with the Social Health Group for Christmas Lunch. Tomorrow night, I'll be dining with my workmates from Denman Hospital for Christmas. at one of the local hotel restaurants....

What was that about Tony Ferguson? ...... "Oh yeah.... Me and Mr Ferguson...We'll have a thing going on......"

I'm going to look like an oompaloompa by the time New Year rolls around.....

Oh, and GG's Apprenticeship interview went well. They said that they'd contact her soon... whatever that means. I'll let you know as soon as we know.

You know what?

I need to post more often than once a week........

But right now, it's shower and work for me.

There's a caramel gateau that's waiting for me.......

"Oh yeah......."

from the very Christmassed Blogmuggle xoxoxo


Kristy-Lee said...

I loathe shopping at this time of year, and yet continue to leave prezzies till last minute.


Rylah xXx =^..^= xXx said...

You have been a busy bee... christmas tends to do that to otherwise sane people, so don't worry LOL.

I remember a quote from a movie, I think it was "The Santa Clause" (either that or Die HArd) where one office worker says "Are you going to the christmas party?" and his co-worker says "It's Christmas????" to which he replies "Yeah, didn't you get the memo?"

LOL. I love that. Sarcasm at it's best... Christmas? I hadn't noticed! LOL :D

Anyway, yes, it all starts good but by the end of the night/month/year it's always "Are we ther yet?"

Rambling, as usual.

Take care

Jac xXx *hugs*

poody said...

Merry Christmas Cyndy! Oh yeah, gateaus what is this?