Thursday, March 15, 2007

We love football, meatpies, kangaroos..........

G'Day Bloggers.

As I sit here and type, I'm feeling a little chilly. I'm wearing jeans, t-shirt, a three-quarter-sleeved cotton shirt, and shoes, and I'm not warm. I was cupping my hands around my cup of nice, hot tea until I started to type. I can't believe this odd feeling.. It's been such a l-o-n-g, hot summer. It's good. Autumnal, actually. I had a discussion with someone once about whether "autumnal" is actually a word. Maybe it's an adjective. Whatever. It describes exactly how the weather feels at the moment. Right at this moment anyway, because the weather gurus tell us it will be 30 degrees later today. Yuk.

I drove Beloved to work this morning. This happens a couple of mornings a week since GG took my car (well, she says it's hers) and drove off into the sunrise. I can't say sunset, as she travelled east...... Anyway, we drove through the dark.... and FOG......... It was the first time this season. It's ethereal, magic. Maybe it feels a bit like we're travelling to Brigadoon. Well, Muswellbrook anyway. Our drive takes through a bit of farm land, and it's quite green here at the moment due to the bit rain that we have enjoyed lately. A lot of this land is river-front alluvial flats that have recently been re-stocked with cattle, or sheep, or it might now be used for grapes or olives. There's something very .... I can't find the word... exciting, nice, .. I don't know... anyway, I like to see the farm animals shadowing in the foggy paddocks. There's horses, too. Until we get to the part where the open-cut coal mines start. But that's a post all of it's own. It takes about 50 minutes for a round trip. Luckily, the boys are reasonably self-sufficient these days, especially Vegeboy. Scorpaboy is more like a normal, sluggish, night-dwelling teen, but he's had more practice than Vegeboy.

Vegeboy is the reason I needed to have the car today. He has his first run at footie training this afternoon with Muswellbrook Rams. He's played his last two seasons with the Denman Devils, but this year, Denman weren't able to field a team. Out of the 13 kids that played in VB's team last year, only three wanted to sign up again this year. Even Muswellbrook is struggling for numbers; VB is only number 12, and they need 13 to run on the field. I guess we'll find out whether or not they'll be playing over the next few weeks. It may have something to do with the relationship between the cost of petrol and the travel to Newcastle to play ever other week. But even the younger age groups that only travel around the Upper Hunter area are struggling for numbers. It's so sad to see this lack of interest when footie has always been an integral part of the country kids walk through the world... It's a cultural necessity up here... We were going to change over to rugby union if the league option didn't come to fruition, but they're struggling to field a team as well, even though they're combining 13's and 14's. It was a bit sad to disappoint the eager faces as they welcomed and urged both the boys to join the Rams on Tuesday afternoon. There were very blokey claps on the back, and questions "What age group are you playing in, son?" . Scorpaboy, who's never had any interest in playing rugby league, felt very flattered and validated, yet apologetic at the same time. I don't think heard the slightly nervous, desperate tone in the voices........ Vegeboy's just pleased to be able to play, and will be sharing my $80 with the football club today, so he will officially be a Ram. I'm not sure why, but the president and vice president of the soccer club were there at training as well. Anyway, hopefully Vegeboy enjoys his first real day at training.

Lovely Lisa has offerred to make a donation on behalf of the girls at RC, so you can pass on any donations to her. People seem to be reluctant to donate; coin is money too, and all the little bits add up. Do you think that peopole think that they might look a bit miserly if they can't donate a sizeable sum of money? The way I see it, it's no different to buying a raffle ticket, and if you'd only buy 1 ticket, then that 's just fine. I am seeing Lisa on Sunday, but final banking will be April 12, and I will bw travelling backwards and forwards to Newcastle in the next few weeks, so I will collect from Lisa during these trips. It gives me a good excuse to see her..... Anything that we can do to help meet these diseases head-on is a good thing. I know too many people fighting the good fight to let these fundraising things go... GG and I are participating in "Relay for Life" here in April. Beloved and the boys will probably do it too..
Anyhoo, it's off to work for me!
Have a good day,
Cyndy ;)


Bee said...

hope you had a nice day to ,,,xxxxx

Cyndy said...

thanks bee. I did!

poody said...

It was foggy here this morning to. i got a few shots of it on the way to work. I always come thru town to look at the skyline on the way to work. This morning the tops of the bulidings were unseen hell in fact most of the buildings were not visible.