Monday, June 11, 2012

test drive

I haven't been here for a long, long while.

I'm getting bored with Facebook, and only check in to lurk around.  I can't be bothered with the games;  they become tedious very, very fast.  I have the concentration span of a gnat, it would seem, these days.  I suppose it's yet another menopausal side effect.
I have another theory.  I think I expend an enormous amount of my mental energy in my job, and I think that  every night, when I get home, I have my very own private, quiet melt down.  The first thing I like to do when I walk through the door in the evening is have a shower, and slide on into my pj's.  It wasn't all that long ago that I never even possessed pyjamas: now I spend hours and hours in them.  At least it has the decency to be dark at 5pm as it's winter.   What on earth am I going to do when it's summer and daylight until almost 9pm?
I simply cannot find a single thing that inspires me to do anything else.  Not yoga or zumba.  Not reading, book club or crosswords. Not the local drama group or a chat on the phone with a friend.  Never sewing or craft-related stuff.  Music only happens in the car.  Not even a walk with my poor doggy.  There is no enthusiasm to summon.
Mind you, I am still good fun, love a good laugh, derive enormous amounts of pleasure from being with the ones I love and retain my distaste of all things domestic.  And I am studiously ignoring the renovations that have gone from patiently waiting to be completed to screaming at me to get it over with and done.  I am very good at this ignoring business.  Some professional types might term it "detatchment".......  meh: who cares......

So I guess there's really nothing wrong at all.
Situation normal.

Maybe I just need to get back into this.

Enough for now.  I wouldn't want to overdo it now, would I?


Shergar said...

I think everyone moves on, eventually. But occasionally we tap on the windows and see what once was. But writing. Talking. Anything. Always comes at a cost. Our lives and our stories are what makes us.
I'm not sure that our lives have been improved by the computer. Perhaps it is just a replacement for something that we used to have.
Have a cup of tea and listen to some Stone Roses. Or some Mozart! x

Cyndy said...

Well hello, Shergar ;0)

I was only thinking about you yesterday and wondering if your disappearance was complete, and voila! here you are.
And I agree with you 100%. The oversharing by dint of ethernet-anonymity is having some unwanted side effects.
People ARE interesting, aren't they?

Nice to hear from you: I hope you're going along just fine ;0)

Shergar said...

Gosh yes. I do tend to disappear a bit! Sometimes life, the universe and everything doesn't work out and I have to move on. I used to write heaps. Hardly anything now. I must be menopausal too... Certainly in the midst of my mid life crisis! Oh, I might put a pic of me on my blog - I don't think I ever put a pic up for anyone before within the 'Mary' circle. You were a lovely bunch. perhaps that is why I left. Scared of getting attached maybe. I'm on facebook too. Also getting bored with it. Ads for some bloody ville or other, or fake sponsored messages saying I have a secret admirer. Grrr! Back in the 'olden days', ie, the 1970's, I used to have a CB radio in Britain. Very good for chatting to people that you never meet. I don't think I have ever found another substitute for that. Spring is underway now (sigh). Here comes the hot weather... (brief interlude while I look at your profile pic!) You're pretty! Anyway, enough flirting! Will buzz off now to cook dinner, look for some missing keys, feed the horse and sit on the grass and enjoy the breeze. That is when I notice that the ground is covered in Kangaroo poo... Oh, I am from Cundletown (ish). I doubt I ever said before. but that was a lifetime ago... But in the scheme of things, life is just a moment. And in some distant future, we will just be remembered as the people from the 'plastic age'.
Cotton pyjamas? Cuddle up! x

Snowbrush said...

Where'd you go after retreating to here from Facebook, back to Facebook? You write well.

Cyndy said...

Thank you, Snowbrush. I think that I like to write a story. I'm a nurse, so I write stores in my patient records every day. No-one else has notes like mine: some clinicians love them, some hate them. One said "who reads them anyway?". Another said that when she sees my notes, she barely reads them. But others have said that they really appreciate the clear set out, the detailed and wholistic way that I keep my records. I wish that I could REALLY tell my lovely aged clients' stories.
And Shergar, would it to surprise you to know that I have spent quite a bit of my adult life in the Cundletown (ish) area? I bet it's lovely this time of year. And always cotton ;0) xo

Anonymous said...

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