Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Riders on a storm..................

Well, the sky hasn't fallen: I've heard no trumpets, nor the galloping of the horseriders of the apocalypse. Actually, I'm rather ignorant of the finer points of the biblical apocalypse... just tried to remember what I have assimilated over the years...... I'm much more familiar with the end of the world, "Buffy-Style" or in accordance with the breaking of the seals in "Supernatural".......

This, the advent of the orange sky morning, Beloved & I contemplated the potential "end of the world".... He was getting ready for work, whilst I still langoured under the covers: I posed to him the question of, since it may have been the end of the world and all, that maybe we should have sex. He replied wth a laughing "Do you think?"....... Together, we pondered it for a moment longer, then we decided we had better get ourselves ready for work........ It put a smile on for a moment there. And besides, there were birds singing outside the window, and in my vast experience, when the end is nigh, the birds will know well before we do, and it will be eerily quiet........ Anyway, there was no Lindt chocolate or champers on offer, either......

It's very bloody dusty, though.

I'm sure a goodly proportion of the Simpson Desert is going to end up washed up on the beaches in New Zealand.

I had a good weekend, catching up with some good folk in my life that I don't see enough of. That is, until Sunday afternoon, when I was driving home, and began to feel a little on the seedy side, but not for any good, over-indulgence reason. I spent Sunday night/Monday de-toxing my system... purging without my permission, that is....... food is still not my friend.

I am on the mend. Today, I went back to work, and have a busy few days ahead of me. But it's all good. I like my job: a lot! I haven't heard anything about the job interview that I had a few weeks ago. I'm not feeling too confident about success at this point, but I'm not doing to poorly on the work front anyway.

GG had a job interview this evening. She's quite happy with the way it went, so we'll just have to wait & see. She was shortlisted from 100 down to 40 for the 1st round of interviews, which is pretty good in itself. This was for a job in retail...... a written email application drew 100 applicants! Lordy, it's tough out there....... She's only applied for 1 other job, and then attended an interview. All of her other jobs have been an informal "Chat" with the manager that she was introduced to..... It's all very intimidating.

She's lovely, though, my GG. And customer service & people are her thing. I hope that she managed to get this across tonight. She'd be an assett wherever she worked. her Dominoes manager offerred to write her a cracking reference if she wanted one, not because he'd glad to get rid of her, but because he likes her so much........ One day, she will work out what she is really capable of, so look out! *sigh*... proud mother moment there. No apologies will be given.

Anyhoo, I awa' tae the sho-werrrrr...... Hoots mon: Only 2 days to the weekend, people!!!!

G'Bye <3 <3 <3

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