Friday, April 25, 2008

Halloo Everyone!!

It's so nice to be back. Although I must say, I haven't actually missed blogging, but I HAVE missed reading and putting in my 2 bob's worth on everyone else's blogs.

It's been such a busy week at TAFE that I wouldn't have had the time to spare anyway. Just the anatomy & physiology is enough to do my head in. When I started the first year of nursing at uni when Vegeboy was a baby, we covered the same area over a period of 3 or so weeks that we have covered in 1 or 2 days this week....... And after 8 hours at TAFE, we are then expected to put in around 3hrs of "self-directed learning" as well as review what was done in class and prepare essay topics... PHEW!!!

I'll just keep on pedalling, shall I?????

Things have been quite busy for Beloved at Wattle Grove. The extension is now "locked up" and the lining has commenced on the inside. Together, he and I will gyprock the our bedroom and hallway this weekend. Hopefully, the new bit will be ready to paint next weekend. So if any of you are keen hands with a paint roller or brush, feel free to head on up and work out some of your creative urges. I'll have to get stuck in and buy some paint this week. And choose the colour too. I know that we're going to paint the kitchen walls the same red as Scorpaboy's room, but I have to choose an off-white/cream for the rest of the living area, and there are just soooo many. An I'm a bit concerned that the ceiling paint that we have used in the boys' rooms might be a bit to "yellow" for the living area........

Trivial, isn't it. But it's my nest; I've waited 3 years and put us through the ringer to have the home that I want.... and I want to LOVE it when it's done...... Even though Beloved keeps reminding me with a smirk that HE will have a lovely new kitchen to use.... and he can't cook....... It had better be clean!!!

When I take some up-to-date pics tomorrow, I'll try to post some pics of the progress......




Anonymous said...

Hey Cyndy, I've tagged you for a meme, see my post at

Hope to see your post soon!

Glad the house is coming along, slowly but surely. :)

The Tall Red Head said...

That is the best thing about doing a house up, all the things that you can do to make it "mine". Have fun and enjoy it, it is after all your dream house...