Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?

Hey Ho!

Happy New Year!

Well, it was for me, anyway.

Believe it or not, I spent New Years' Eve at home, on my own, watching DVDs!

Beloved & Sboy were at entertaining the crowds in Parramatta, and Vboy was staying at a friend's house. So I entertained myself with "Samson & Delilah", "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince" & "The Boat that Rocked".

Very Anti-social indeed. But just what I needed. I have been busy at work, and have been rather bushed by it all. I will be glad to eventually settle back into part-time hours... eventually....

VBoy & I met Beloved & Sboy at Sister-in-law's on New Years' Day to help her survive her 50th birthday. It was a lovely get together with family & friends. Home again in the evening. Nanny Val is going well. Her speech is improving, but there is a long way to go.

Saturday, we went to see "Avatar": what a great movie! It was 3D, which was interesting, but even in 2D, it would be good. We had to drive through the most torrential downpour to get there.... I seriously don't do rain travel well. And the boys were travelling somewhere behind us in GG's car that needed 2 new front tyres, and only had 1 windscreen wiper...... VBoy sent me a text message; "Holy moly it's raining a lot mother!" And he was right. We had to pull over at one point as vision & conditions were so poor. I was rather astounded when a the learner driver that we had overtaken before the storm drove past us when we were pulled over, then turned right at an intersection when visibility was about ten feet.......

No work on Sunday.. hahahah... I had given myself a few days off and because today is my birthday! Actually, it was yesterday, because it's now 1.55am, yet I am disgustingly awake.....

I've had a good birthday. There's nothing like Facebook to give someone validation... a gazillion birthday wishes... And then there's all the usual well-wishers. It's lovely. While I was in town today, I lashed out & spent $20 on 2 balinese-style ceramic fish that now have pride of place on my coffee table. And my boys bought me the DVD set of "Torchwood: the Children of the Earth" series as well as "J-Lo" perfume. I've never worn it before, but Sboy (who chose it) said that reminded him of some perfume that I had worn. It is lovely, and hopefully, not too heavy. The bottle is gorgeous. A baked dinner capped off the evening.

The final surprise was when a friend of Vboy phoned and asked if he could come around, as he had a surprise for my birthday. As we hadn't eaten, I invited him to join us for dinner. Well, Jake turned up with a rather delicious cake that he had baked for me! He was a bit disappointed with the presentation, but he had decorated his choc-caramel-fudge cake with whipped cream & topped it off with candles! I couldn't resist his cake, his cuddle and spoken "happy birthday mum". He's leaving us for at least 2 months to go live with his sister on the Gold Coast: we will miss his 16yr old smile around here... and the "Keep looking" sticky notes that he hides...

Well, I have to work 2 shifts at Merriwa over the next couple of days. I sleep over, so I won't be around until probably Wednesday night or even Thursday.

I should probably try to get some sleep.

Goodnight xoxoxoxoxo